Diablo 4: How to Beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4

The exhilarating game of Diablo 4 has every type of quest and boss present. One such is ‘The Only Cure’, where the players must fulfill the primary objective of killing Mahjoob.

In Act IV of the exciting game of Diablo 4, Mahjoob is considered one of the most challenging bosses. This is because of his ability to heal from the damage innumerable times and his damage-dealing proficiency.

Are you wondering and struggling with how to beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4 during the fight? This is possible, as fighting with this in-game boss is not a joke, so you should be well-prepared beforehand. 

Even if, from the start, you act ballistic and use all the necessary attacks, in reality, this game is all about precision and preserving.

Undoubtedly, this Mahjoob, from “The Only Cure” sidequest in Kehjistan, is one of the most challenging boss fights in the entire Diablo 4 beta playthrough. The players would also be rewarded with good rewards for their efforts. 

Also, if you have reached this game stage, we are making a rough guess that you must have already completed the ‘Road to Ruin’ quest. But if not, completing that first is necessary, as only then would you be able to access the safehouse of Mahjoob in Kehjistan.

So, wait no further and quickly dig into this GamePike detailed and informative article about how to beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4.

Without wasting a moment any further, let’s get started with enlightening details. 

How to Find Mahjoob in Diablo 4?

how to beat mahjoob in diablo 4To find the character of Mahjoob, the player must first start with the ‘The Only Cure’ quest in the Kehjistan region. To reach this quest in Act IV, the players must first complete the ‘Unsafe Travels’ and ‘Road to Ruin’ quests.

After this, head towards the Amber Sands in the Kehjistan region to start the quest at the Bounty Board. Once your journey begins, you will see a quest marker leading you. You have to follow it, as it will help you reach the safehouse of Mahjoob. 

Talk to him, and listen to what he shares with you. Mahjoob will tell you that he is infected with plaque and desperately needs your help finding its cure.

Now, on hearing this, your task begins. You would be now supposed to bring him the Ghost Palm Flower, which is kept in the chest at one corner of the room. It is a scarce plant that can cure him of plaque and heal him.

Now, it is up to you to accept and help or neglect his request. But, remember, in either of the ways, you would have to face his wrath.

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Scroll further in the article to learn how to beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4.

How to Beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4?

how to beat mahjoob in diablo 4Once the player hands out the Ghost Palm Flower to the Mahjoob, instead of curing himself, he transforms into the Skittering Abomination and attacks you. This is where the fight between the Mahjoob and the player starts.

Mahjoob is a mighty boss, and defeating him is a challenging task. This is major because he is full of armor, resistance, and an extensive health bar.

Besides these exceptional qualities, Mahjoob also has a life-steal quality, which would continue to heal him every 15 seconds.

This is another headache for the players, and due to this, they have to be geared at all times to find the right moment to kill this super-powerful boss of Diablo 4. 

This in-game character does 2 significant types of attacks. One is the barrage of spikes thrown from an extremely long distance, and the other includes close-range melee attacks.

Both deal with heavy damage; thus, dodging these attacks either by moving to & fro or staying away altogether is the best way to avoid the damage caused by Mahjoob.

Since we are already aware that the biggest problem in dealing with Mahjoob is its healing power, which heals 1/4rd or 1/3rd of its health every 15 seconds of the game, if you want to win, you need to prevent this and know how to beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4.

At this time, you need to kite around his attacks and chip him off by creating damage to him. At a particular time in the game, Mahjoob emits a red glow. This glow indicates that the life steal attack is about to happen soon.

Also, a small bell tinkling sound signifies to the players that Mahjoob has entered its vampiric phase. This sound is difficult to hear, but the players with much stun in their build can pop this sound, thus disabling the boss. 

Thus, stunning Mahjoob at the right moment is extremely necessary. This is when he is about to use his healing ability through the life-steal one. A lot of power and mobility is needed to deal with Mahjoob.

So, we recommend the players use all their skills and items with utmost care and precision. Keep a keen focus on the armor, stun duration, weapon damage, etc. To gain extra protection, the players can use Elixir.

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The players should also focus on continuously hitting Mahjoob with their strongest attacks and try to avoid and save themselves from his swipes and spikes. 

Rewards Players Gain After Beating Mahjoob

how to beat mahjoob in diablo 4After following the above-listed information on how to beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4, it turns out what rewards the players would gain after killing this extremely dangerous in-game boss.

After completing the ‘The Only Cure’ quest in Mahjoob, the players would receive about 20 Renown with Kehjistan and Elixir Cache, which contains some valuable potions that would help later in the game.

Around the corpse of Mahjoob, the players would also be able to find various other items and gold to loot. 

Some Tips to Follow Regarding How to Beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4

Fighting with the Mahjoob boss in the game can be easy or hard, depending on your class or type of play.

Below are tips and tricks that would help you kill Mahjoob faster and gain rewards.

  • Use the right skills and items to stun the Mahjoob’s life-stealing ability at the right time. For this purpose, the players could use the Barbarian’s Ground Stomp, the Rogue’s Smoke Screen, or the Sorceress’s Frost Nova.
  • The right gear is another essential piece of equipment while fighting with Mahjoob. It is an important part, as it gives an accurate edge in the battle with the boss. Thus, you should not keep old and outdated gear, as it would not help you in the battle. Upgrade to the best gear possible to have the advantage in the battle. 
  • It is an advantage for you if you have lost a battle before to the boss. Losing earlier would have given you an idea about the moves and techniques of the Mahjoob. You can now use his techniques as a reversal on him and counteract the same accordingly.
  • This fighting style would help you learn how to beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4. Thus, creating strategies beforehand would help you achieve your goal quickly and effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where to Find the Safehouse of Mahjoob?

Ans. You would find the Mahjoob’s safehouse in ‘The Only Cure’ quest in the game in the Kehjistan region. This safe house would allow you to witness one of the hardest in-game fights, with indeed one of the game’s toughest bosses.

This fight would suitably occur in the ‘World Tier One,’ the rewards you would get on beating Mahjoob could be more pleasant.

Q. How to Beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4?

Ans. Mahjoob attacks the players in two different ways. Thus, to deal with the significant damage caused by the bosses, you should try to dodge or block his attacks to protect yourself from killing.

We would not recommend putting yourself in a head-on fight situation with him. Instead, stunning him at the right moment when he is about to use his life-steal ability to heal every 15 seconds would help you beat this boss.

Let’s Wrap Up

In the exciting game of Diablo 4, Mahjoob is a formidable boss who would test your skills and gear. Following the above guide of ‘How to beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4, you could complete the game’s ‘The Only Cure’ quest, where you would meet and beat this boss. 

Overall, this quest is fun to play with, where you have to keep many things in mind while conquering the game. The ways mentioned above of defeating this boss are tried and tested.

You can follow the same to win, but if you want to explore new methods or alternative ways to complete this Diablo 4 quest of beating Mahjoob, you might succeed in your mission to get some extra rewards.

So, wait no further and play Diablo 4 today to beat Mahjoob, the powerful boss. 

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