MLB the Show 21: Learn How to Dive, Slide and Jump

Suppose you are someone who is really into sports video games. Then, MLB The Show 21 is undoubtedly the best game to suit your genre. 

But the question arises that how to dive in MLB the show 21, along with the controls of how to jump and slide toward the ball while fielding. 

Thus, this comprehensive article will explain certain secrets. So, keep scrolling to know all the hidden mechanisms of MLB The Show 21. 

It is undoubtedly the most fantastic baseball simulation game ever created, highlighting various features and functionalities. The game modes available here provides one of the finest gameplay experience. 

There are many modes that the player will automatically tackle, but there are specific actions that the newbies or the fanatics of this energetic game need to be made aware of. 

You can precisely find out all the information in this guide. So let’s get started to know about how to dive in MLB the show 21.

Overview of MLB The Show 21

It might be disappointing for the game players not to have practice sessions for trying out abilities and different in-game modes.

So, in such a case, players often need to be made aware of various mechanisms. Some of those simulations include jumping, diving, and sliding of the ballplayer in the game. 

These are certain potential catches of the game that are extremely easy to perform. But many players need help with the same due to needing to be more knowledgeable about it. 

Thus, to make your ride and the in-game experience smoother, below are easy controls for diving in MLB the Show 21 and jumping and sliding in the game. 

Some games can make us experts. You can play amazing games if you are a good player, test your luck, and get fantastic updates.

How to Dive in MLB The Show 21?

how to dive in mlb the show 21Diving is a unique action performed in MLB The Show 21. This motion determines the fate of the player in the game. It is not about winning or losing the game but throwing and catching a ball. 

You are the one who controls the on-screen players. When a ball is being hit, you have to control the player to run toward the direction of it. 

Suppose you are wondering how to dive in MLB the show 21. In such a case, press the right trigger in Xbox when the ball moves closer. If playing through the Playstation, press R2 to dive the player instantly.  

How to Jump in MLB The Show 21?

Jumping is one of the most important actions that the players must do in MLB Show 21 to catch high-flying balls. 

The game’s people must press R1/RB to execute these actions. The player will then start moving toward the direction they were in before they jumped. 

The movement of jumping not only helps the in-game players catch the ball but also helps them steal home runs. 

Also, to play a defensive gaming strategy, you should constantly check the arrows appearing on the outfield walls. 

How to Slide in MLB The Show 21?

It is tricky to slide in MLB the Show 21, but with the instructions given here, we are sure you would be okay with it. 

For sliding the baseball player:

  1. Hold the L1/LB buttons to guide the players toward the base.
  2. Tilt the Right Analog Stick either Up or Down. You must decide how to use these two directional options within the gameplay.
  3. If you want the Head to slide first, tilt the Analog Stick Downwards.

But if you wish for the feet of the runner to slide first, choose the upward tilt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is It Worth Playing MLB The Show 21?

Ans. This is a new-gen baseball game that sports game enthusiasts love. It entertains the players with its exciting concept and highly polished gameplay features. Thus, this game is worth playing with all the effort. 

Q. Is MLB the Show 21 Different From MLB The Show 22?

Ans. Yes, of course, it is only not just about the number. MLB The Show 21 is a perfect video game that can be played on Xbox. But, the new franchise, MLB the Show 22, will have more fine experience and expand its audiences on the Nintendo Switch.

Let’s Wrap Up!

That was all you needed to know about how to dive in MLB the Show 21, along with the sliding and jumping instructions. 

After mastering these skills, you, as a player, will gain more confidence and be thrilled to play the game with more energy. 

We explained all three aspects in this guide in the simplest and the best possible way. 

So, now it’s your turn to implement the same in the game with utmost patience and persistence to win more games. 

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