How to Fix WoW51900118 Error of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW) is an immersive multiplayer gaming platform developed by Blizzard Entertainment that works brilliantly on the MMORPG model.

This online role-playing game was initially released in the year 2004. This game has various elements, character classes, thrilling quests, engaging battles against all the formidable monsters, and interactions with all the captivating non-player characters.

To fully experience all that the game World of Warcraft has to offer, the players need an active subscription, which you can manage through payment options, such as credit or debit cards.

Unfortunately, we are sorry to inform you that the game is immune to various errors. One error that can appear to you and make you disconnected from the game is the WoW51900118 error.

Hence, if you are finding viable reasons for the same or ways to fix the WoW51900118 error, then you are lucky enough to have landed at the right place.

Thus, without any further ado, let’s get started with this comprehensive piece of article and learn how to fix error WoW51900118.

What Are the Causes of the Wow51900118 Error Code?

wow51900118 errorBefore moving into how to fix error WoW51900118, you need to first learn about the specific causes of the occurrence of the WoW5190018 error code.

The reasons for the same may vary, but they generally revolve around the network connectivity issues between the World of Warcraft servers and the player’s servers.

But, listed below are certainly more factors responsible for the cause of the WoW51900118 error. They are as follows:-

  • Server Issues: In the World of Warcraft, the players can face certain server issues such as maintenance activities, temporary outrages, and technical glitches. This can thus result in disconnections and the appearance of WoW51900118 error.
  • Internet-related Issues: Internet-related issues, such as packet loss, high latency, or frequent network-based disconnections, can trigger the WoW51900118 error. This problem may also arise in the game due to several factors, such as local network setup, internet service provider (ISP), and network congestion.
  • Mods or in-game Add-ons: If you have installed any third-party add-ons or mods in the game, it can surely tamper with your in-game performance through tampering with the various in-game files and server connections. All the incompatible and outdated styles of add-ons present in the game would either cause disconnections in the game or trigger the WoW51900118 error.
  • Firewall or Router Settings: Whenever the firewall or router faces specific configurations, it can interfere with the connectivity of the game’s network, thus leading to error codes and disconnections.
  • Account or Character-related Issues: In some cases, the users face certain character-specific or account-specific problems that can contribute to the error. These issues involve your character data, account settings, or the game files that are associated with the specific profiles.

Thus, these were all the general causes of the WoW51900118 error occurring in the World of Warcraft.

These were some of the commonly caused errors that usually do not have any specific reason for their occurrence.

But if you are facing connection problems and the error is severely impacting your gameplay.

Then, in such a case, it is highly advisable to seek complete assistance and support from the technical team of experts from the World of Warcraft, as they can provide targeted help and guidance to resolve the issue based on individual circumstances.

But, before that, you can try on your own to resolve all the issues and errors by following all the steps below on how to fix error WoW51900118.

How to Fix Error Wow51900118?

wow51900118 error

As in the above head, you read all the causes for the occurrence of the WoW51900118 error. Now, it is time for us to tell you how to fix the WoW51900118 error.

If you implement the below-listed troubleshooting steps for the error WoW51900118, it will prove to be of great help to you.

  • Checking Your Internet Connection: Ensure your internet connection’s stability and verify for any ongoing issues, if any. You can test your connections by either visiting other websites or running a speed test on It would help if you also tried using a cable connection rather than a wireless connection for more excellent reliability.
  • Restarting Your Network Devices: Refreshing network configurations can sometimes resolve network issues. For this, power cycle the modem and router by turning them off, waiting for a few minutes, and then turning them on again.
  • Updating or Disabling Add-Ons: Temporarily updating or disabling any installed mods or add-ons. Make sure only to input the latest working updates, as incompatible or outdated add-ons can lead to connection problems and conflicts.
  • Reset the Ui or the User Interface Setting: Go to the settings of the World of Warcraft, navigate to the ‘Interface’ section, and click on the ‘Reset User Options’ button. This action then restores the default UI settings and helps you to rectify the configuration-related issues contributing to the error.
  • Flushing Out the DNS Cache: Flushing out the DNS cache would prove to be of great help if any of the above-mentioned steps don’t help you by far. For this, you can open Command Prompt on Windows and execute the command “ipconfig /flushdns”. Similarly, on Mac, you have to open Terminal and input “sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder” as the command for clearing the DNS cache. Doing this step would probably eliminate all the potential DNS-related problems.
  • Disabling the Security Software: If your device has a firewall or antivirus software, consider temporarily disabling it. This is because it can obstruct the in-game connection. If the error gets removed by disabling the security software, then do remember to adjust the setting of the World of Warcraft to allow unrestricted communication.
  • Update the Game and Drivers to Their Up-to-date Version: Do make sure that the World of Warcraft is as per the latest updates with all the new patches. Similarly, remember to cross-check for all the updates regarding the graphics card drivers and other relevant in-game drivers. You can check the same from the manufacturer’s website, such as AMD and Nvidia.
  • Checking the Server Status: Check the server status of the official World of Warcraft forums or their social media channels to make sure there are any scheduled maintenance and server issues. If any error found is attributable to the problems of the server side, then you have to wait for the official Blizzard team to solve the issue and help you get rid of the error.

If the error code WoW51900118 persists even after trying the steps mentioned, it may indicate a more complex issue. If solving this seems beyond your capability, it’s best to take immediate action.

In such cases, reaching out to Blizzard’s customer support team is advisable, as they offer personalized assistance and additional troubleshooting steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Does the Error WoW51900314 Mean?

Ans. This error code would pop up on your screen when the users put up the wrong input credentials. On the screen, the text appearing would be, ‘We couldn’t log you in with what you just entered. Please try again.’

Q. What Does the Error WoW51900319 Mean?

Ans. This error message would flash on the screen when the game loses its connection with the World of Warcraft servers. In such a case, you need to check Blizzard’s official Twitter account for the recent server status and updates.

Let’s Summarize

Thus, that was pretty much everything everything, that we wanted to share with you regarding the topic of how to fix the WoW51900118 error.

Try following every step listed above, but if you are still unable to resolve the issue, immediately contact the developer’s skilled team for tailored assistance.

We hope this guide was of great help to you; if yes, try solving the issue as soon as possible and get back to the super exciting World of Warcraft. And for more such amazing content and guides, keep reading our posts on

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