How to Continue the Investigation at the Abandoned Shrine in Genshin Impact

Want to know about how to continue the investigation at the abandoned shrine in detail, so stick to the end of the article.

Genshin Impact is an anime-style action-packed game developed by miHoYo in 2020. This super exciting game is available on all platforms, also Genshin Impact Switch too is being set up in Tevyat.

The fantasy story in this game revolves around an avid traveler who was separated from her twin. And in this process, the player meets about more than 60 different characters in the game. 

The players of the game would be in the role of either of the one protagonist’s twin characters, i.e., Lumine or Aether.

Together with them, you have to unfold the mysteries of the fantasy land of Tevyat. The game offers various elements and characters that make the game more fun for the players. 

All the available quests and characters of Genshin Impact are divided into four different in-game nations, i.e., Mondstadt, Liyue, Sumeru, and Inazuma. Along with this, each of the characters in the game has control over the seven elements.

One quest in the game that you have to solve to move onto the next respective level is the Sacrificial offering quest, where the players must continue the investigation at the abandoned shrine.

Many Genshin Impact players often need clarification about how to move further whenever such a scenario comes into the game. 

Hence, in this article, we have discussed how to continue the investigation at the abandoned shrine in detail, which would give you a better insight into the same and remove all your queries & doubts. You can also check the games like Genshin Impact.

Let’s jump to the details of this informative article. 

Some Details About the Sacrificial Offering Quest

continue the investigation at abandoned shrineSacrificial Offering Quest is another interesting quest in the game of Genshin Impact that attracts players towards itself. At the beginning of this quest, it instructs the players to move to the abandoned shrine located in the northeast direction of the Konda village.

Upon arriving at this location, the players will be charged with the task that centers around continuing the investigation at the abandoned shrine. This research would be done when the players converse with the mysterious shadows.

These weird shadows in the quest are the game’s Non-Playable characters, and tracking them down is challenging.

In other words, the game offers the players a wide variety among the all characters, there are the characters Scaramouche and Albedo. If you want to know how old Albedo and Scaramouche check our latest article.

It would help if you are worried about how to continue the investigation at the abandoned shrine; scroll down below to learn more about the ways.

Ways to Continue the Investigation at the Abandoned Shrine

continue the investigation at abandoned shrineTracking down the mysterious shadows or the Non-Playable Characters in the game is quite difficult in Genshin Impact.

But under this head, we will be providing you with all the details about how to continue the investigation at the abandoned shrine.

There are about 6 different locations where you can find the Mysterious shadow with which the players have to interact.

One of those is the roof of the Temple, and the rest five locations are on the ground, around the abandoned shrine itself.

This includes places such as:-

  1. Front of the Temple.
  2. Front of a Kitsune Statue.
  3. Next to a tree.
  4. Front of a small Shrine.
  5. Next to two small Kitsune Statues.

After you have had a word and communicated with all the non-playable characters in the form of mysterious shadows, you could locate a 3 Chest beside the location of the 6th and the last mystery shadow on the map, i.e., towards the southeast direction of the abandoned shrine.

Hence, you should move toward the chest, locate them, and loot them up. After you have done with looting up the chest, you now have to perform some more tasks to continue the investigation at the abandoned shrine and complete the quest of Sacrificial Offering in Genshin Impact.

Before going forward for the steps you can watch a YouTube video on it.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for the same:-

  • The first step you have to do is to go through and examine the Glowing book, located somewhere in the middle of the chests. 
  • Once you find the same, the game will ask you to interact or connect with the Glowing Book. After doing so, your next task would be investigating the Grand Narunkami Shrine.
  • The Grand Narunkami Shrine is north of the Abandoned Shrine and the Mysterious Shadow. The player, at this moment in time, would be standing at the downside of the said location, so he has to climb up a lot to reach the Grand Narunkami Shrine. 
  • After reaching there, you must acquire the momento lens by interacting with the mysterious shadow of Inagi Hitomi.
  • Take that lens with you back to the abandoned shrine and examine or investigate the Kitsune statues with it. 
  • After doing so, you must spell certain magical words and find and eliminate the specific barrier. 

After this last task of destroying the barrier, the quest of Sacrificial Offering of Genshin impact would be completed. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What Are the Six Locations Where You Can Find the Mysterious Shadows to Continue the Investigation at the Abandoned Shrine?

Ans. The six locations of the Mysterious Shadows or the Non-Playable Characters of the Sacrificial Offering quest of the Genshin Impact are all near the Temple.

Listed below are all the exact locations for the same:-

  1. Front of the Temple.
  2. Front of a Kitsune Statue.
  3. On the roof of the Temple.
  4. Next to a tree.
  5. Front of a small Shrine.
  6. Next to two small Kitsune Statues.

Q. What is the Last Step to Complete the Sacrificial Offering Quest in Genshin Impact?

Ans. Examining the Kitsune Statues from the Momento Lens and casting special spells on it to discover and destroy the barrier is the last step in the Sacrificial Offering quest in Genshin Impact. 

Let’s Conclude

That was all about the article on continuing the investigation at the abandoned shrine. The game Genshin Impact has a huge fan base due to its exciting gameplay and quests.

One such interesting quest is the Sacrificial Offering Quest, which you read above.

Please bookmark this page and save it for later to go through it again whenever you are stuck with this quest in real-time.

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