Roblox Loot Boxes: Are They Currently Safe for Players?

The role of Roblox loot boxes in video games has sparked extensive debate. The era of loading game content solely from a disc onto a computer or console has passed.

Today, millions of people engage in online gaming, even if they initially purchase the game on a physical disc from a store.

This shift allows creators to consistently introduce new content, with Roblox loot boxes emerging as one of the favored methods for content distribution.

In this article, we delve into the current state of Roblox loot boxes, examining their safety, potential risks, and the measures taken by the developers to ensure a secure and enjoyable gaming experience.

Whether you’re a concerned parent or an avid player, join us as we explore the intricate world of Roblox loot boxes and shed light on their safety status in the present moment.

So, let us explore the realm of Roblox loot boxes, including their safety implications and the measures implemented to protect players in the current scenario.

What Are Loot Boxes?

loot boxesLoot boxes are prevalent across a wide range of games, such as Roblox, FIFA, Overwatch, and Mario Kart Tour. Although the specific terminology may vary among games, the underlying concept remains consistent.

Loot boxes are available in video games by receiving as a reward for actions completed in the game or purchased from the game store.

The loot boxes are sometimes available for real money but can mostly be purchased using virtual currency within the game.

Virtual currency can be bought using real money. There is a clear connection between gaming and online casinos; we will discuss that in more detail shortly.

Players can open loot boxes to reveal the items inside after purchasing them using real money or virtual currency.

When receiving or buying a loot box, you do not know what it will be inside before opening it. Some items inside the loot box could be new characters, weapons, graphics, abilities, and tools.

Roblox Loot Boxes and Gambling

There have been many conversations regarding the link between Roblox loot boxes and gambling.

Using real money and not knowing what you will get before opening a loot box means risk is attached.

The items in the loot box could be worth significantly more than the real money or virtual currency used to buy the box.

The worth of the products in the loot box, however, may frequently be insignificant in comparison to the expenditure required to obtain them.

Many social and sweepstakes casinos let players buy gold coins like those used in video games to purchase Roblox loot boxes.

Video games can offer special promotions to tempt players to buy Roblox loot boxes, and looking at the information taken from Gamble USA, many sweepstake casinos also offer no deposit bonuses to players.

So, there are similarities between Roblox loot boxes and social casinos. However, it is worth noting that when opening a loot box, you are guaranteed some items that can be used in the game, which is not always the case when gambling online.

While playing the casino game provides enjoyment, it doesn’t guarantee a reward at the end, unlike opening a loot box, which consistently offers a reward.

Lawsuit Filed Against Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) have been at the center of the loot box row for some time and have previously been targeted by lawsuits.

There has been discussion with regulators in some countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium, about the loot boxes used in games such as Roblox, FIFA, etc.

However, a judge has recently struck down a class-action lawsuit against EA. Judge Justice Fleming ruled that Roblox loot boxes could not be categorized as gambling, but that does not mean EA is out of the woods yet.

Another section of the lawsuit has been allowed to continue, involving “deceptive and unconscionable acts or practices.”

However, EA was happy with the decision by Judge Justice Fleming regarding the claim that the video game company had been offering illegal gambling within its games.

It is impossible to trade any of the items within the games for real money, so the games do not fall under the same category as gambling.

Trading items for real money outside the games is possible; however, this occurs solely within third-party black markets and bears no relation to the game itself or its developers.

Speaking about the decision, a spokesperson for EA said, “The court’s decision reaffirms our position that nothing in our games constitutes gambling.”

Some groups continue to push for a ban on Roblox loot boxes in video games, but with the recent ruling, they appear safe.


As regulators and industry stakeholders strive to balance player enjoyment and safeguarding against potential harm, players, parents, and the gaming community must stay informed and engaged.

By fostering open dialogue, promoting transparency, and implementing responsible practices, the future of Roblox loot boxes can be shaped to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of players.

Together, we can ensure that the thrilling world of Roblox remains a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

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