Latest Roblox Universal Time Codes

A Universal Time is a new-age Roblox fighting game that features all-time favourite characters and heroes from famous anime and other series.

Inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, this game lets players collect skins and unlock powerful abilities.

Battle bosses and foes to upgrade your character. Try various modes to earn rewards and become the strongest. Collect and test all characters across different game modes.

Apart from this, Roblox Universal Time Codes can enhance your game experience by offering free in-game skins, UCoins, and UShards. Redeem these to enjoy the game even more.

The free skin crates earned from using the Roblox Universal Time Codes would help you go through the in-game competition and also help in succeeding through the PvP and the story mode of the game, by improving your character.

Thus, carefully read the guide below, which helps the players learn about Roblox Universal Time Codes, which are currently available on this gaming platform.

So, without waiting a moment any further, let’s get started with the Roblox Universal Time Codes and some more intricate information with GamePike.

List of Roblox Universal Time Codes

roblox universal time codesRoblox Universal Time Codes are the standard game codes for the game A Universal Time. They would provide players with various freebies, skins, and other items of great use.

We do expect that the codes launching shortly will have more rewards than this. But anything exact is still to be confirmed from the developer’s end.

We are extremely sorry to inform you that there are currently no active working Roblox Universal Time Codes. Come back to this page after some time to learn about the Roblox Universal Time Codes, available if any.

List of Expired Roblox Universal Time Codes

However, we do have a complete list of some of the expired Roblox Universal Time Codes, which the players should be aware of. So that they do not waste their time trying them.

The list for the same is as follows:-

  • CHRISTMAS2023— This code would reward saints’ heart
  • UCOINSCOMPENSATION2— This code would reward 1m UCoins
  • UCOINSCOMPENSATION— This code would reward 1m UCoins
  • NAHIDWIN— This code would reward 4000 UShards
  • Reaper— This code would reward a free skin crate
  • BattleTendency— This code would reward free skin crates
  • PhantomBlood— This code would reward one free item crate
  • Ascension— This code would reward free skin crates
  • Grindfest— This code would reward free skin crates
  • GrindNeverStops— This code would reward free skin crates
  • NewStandsWoo— This code would reward free skin crates
  • BonRestorePack2— This code would reward free skin crates
  • 1MillionMembers— This code would reward free skin crates
  • melon— This code would reward a free reward
  • PuddestApologyVideo— This code would reward free skin crates
  • ILOVEGACHA— This code would reward free skin crates
  • BonRestorePack— This code would reward free skin crates
  • AsgoreFanClub— This code would reward free skin crates

How Would the Players Redeem Roblox Universal Time Codes?

Read the below-listed guide to learn the steps for redeeming the Roblox Universal Time Codes. These are as follows:-

roblox universal time codes

  • Join the game through the official Roblox website.
  • Join in the match.
  • On the bottom left of the screen, you will find two horizontal lines.
  • There, you would find an ‘Enter Code Box’. Copy and paste the code there, and then click on the ‘Redeem’ Button.
  • Now, you will find your gaming rewards are automatically unlocked.

How Would the Players Get More Roblox Universal Time Codes?

With the growing popularity of the game A Universal Time, there has been a recent update that the new Roblox Universal Time Codes will be released quite soon.

So come back regularly to check about the same either here or on Discord handles of the game A Universal Time. The players can also check the X (Twitter) handle of  @kur_Development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why the Roblox Universal Time Codes Are Not Working?

Ans. There might be many reasons why the Roblox Universal Time Codes are not working. First, you have to make sure that you have officially joined the game and the Universal Time Roblox Group. Without joining the group, the game would not allow the players to redeem codes. After that, check for the codes from the list of active working codes and also check for grammatical errors, if any. Also, there is one more major condition: You must have crossed 100 levels before you can use the codes.

Q. Do Universal Rewards Expire?

Ans. Your Universal Rewards will expire 3 years after you get them unless the law says otherwise. Once you load rewards onto your Universal FUNds Visa Prepaid Card, they won’t expire. The card itself is good for 24 months, but your funds stick around even if it expires (watch out for fees). Terms apply. Expect your Universal FUNds Card to arrive by mail within 10 business days.

Let’s Wrap Up

That was everything that we had to share with you regarding the Roblox Universal Time Codes. If you know any actively working in-game codes, kindly tell us about them in the comment box below so that we can amend the above-mentioned list.

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