The Last of Us Part 3: Assumption of Release Date, News-Story & More

While it hasn’t been confirmed, The Last of Us Part 3 being released is not a query of “if,” but a point is “when.”

The franchise has been a significant hit for PlayStation, and it has since grown to include a sequel, the wildly successful The Last of Us HBO TV series, and a potential sizeable multiplayer project.

We were undoubtedly shaken up by The Last of Us Part 2. There was a heavy critical response. Others appreciated the controversial emotional plot, while some review-bombed it online. The story could have precisely matched your expectations.

Each person was affected differently by it. No one would deny the demand for a sequel. That much is certain. This brings us here, then. What are the possibilities for The Last of Us Part 3?

This article will cover all that, along with every leak, rumor, and news story. Please be patient while restating every update and every announcement made to date.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, with The Last of Us, you can play top game releases to explore new worlds and thrilling journeys.

Let’s get started!!

The Last of Us: Will There Be a Part 3?

the last of us part 3It is true that The Last of Us Part 3 will take place. According to reports, the game is now in early pre-production. The script has gone through some degree of completion.

Numerous important topics still need to be answered in Part 2. Fans have been crying for a sequel to discover how Ellie’s trip turns out.

Part 3 of the series will undoubtedly be released. Sony’s two most popular franchises are God of War and The Last of Us. Sales are through the roof, and the fan base is simply enormous.

Rochelle Snyder of Naughty Dog reported that Part 2 had sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. 

That solidifies the case for a continuation game. If not for the buffs, then at least for the money! Making it among the most popular PS4 games to date.

What Will Be the Focus of the Last of Us Part 3?

There has yet to be a proper announcement about the game’s plot. It will probably be observed looking for treatment and attempting to end the never-ending nightmare of zombies.

There’s also the chance that we might get something completely different. An entirely different protagonist and their struggle for survival may appear in the sequel.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s dive deep to keep the article for the journey.

Will Ellie’s Journey Continue?

Because Ellie was exposed to the zombie virus while still a fetus, we know that her blood includes immunity against it. We also know that she might pass away if a vaccine was mass-produced. Hopefully, the sequel will address it.

Speaking of Naughty Dog, they might even kill her in Part 3 to create a cure. This is plausible when you think about it logically. The outcry would be impossible to suppress, yet the game will still sell well.

The Last of Us Part 3: Will Abby Return?

The remaining issue is where Abby is right now. She and Lev may have continued seeking fireflies after that. The modification you notice on the title screen after completing the game supports this notion.

Watching Joel die at Abby’s hands two hours after waiting for his return was frustrating. However, Abby is now an essential part of The Last of Us universe, so you will certainly see her again.

Can The Last of Us Part 3 Be A Prequel?

Players were unhappy with Naughty Dog’s choice to remove Joel from the game and emphasize Abby’s role in the second chapter instead because he did not receive much screen time when The Last of Us Part 2 was first released.

Naughty Dog might approach The Last of Us Part 3 as a prequel-style game, providing players a peek at what Joel was like in the past, how he spent time with Tommy during the infection’s early days, and what atrocities the two had to perform to survive.

Is Naughty Dog Releasing Last of Us Part 3?

The Last of Us Part 1, recreated by Naughty Dog, was already launched, and a brand-new standalone multiplayer game built in the same universe would likely debut sometime in 2023. 

Not only that. According to additional rumors, they may also develop a new fantasy IP. On September 2, 2022, the PlayStation 5 received the Part 1 remake. The next step should be the amazing game.

It is planned to release in 2023. However, the studio has a history of pushing back its releases. 

Therefore, please consider it to be something other than an official date. It could be postponed until 2024.

What About Release Date of The Last of Us Part 3?

Naughty Dog is working hard on The Last of Us Part 3 Factions, and a speculated new IP. 

Director Neil Druckmann stated that The Last of Us Part 3’s writing is already in progress, making me think the game may come out soon.

Undoubtedly, there will be a sequel. You know Sony wouldn’t just let its most valuable IP expire. We anticipate a sequel will take almost as long to develop as The Last of Us Part 2 did.

It will be a bit before we catch the sequels, so it’s best to take it easy.

Wrapped Up!!

For PlayStation lovers, The Last of Us Part 3 is undoubtedly the title they are most looking forward to. 

We don’t anticipate. Part 3 will be released soon since such large Triple-A games require their due amount of time.

What better way to conclude the PS5 era than at that point, which will be close to its end? Gamers can expect a lot more from Naughty Dog shortly up to that point.

If something interesting occurs, I’ll keep you informed in a piece of writing.

Happy Gaming!!

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