What is the Mathematically Correct Sett and Reasons Behind Its Popularity?

Matthew Knipfer creates the Mathematically Correct Pantheon build. He then created a sub-branch of the game, Mathematically Correct Sett build.

This Sett build is typically LoL build that was created after lots of stats and calculations with the various items related to the game; also, now, most of the fantastic game requires impressive builds for improving gameplay.

Sett is the game’s most chosen and loved character and the main hero of this overpowered build. This build is to be played precisely and with a juggernaut playstyle.

It is moderately challenging to play this championship in the League of Legends. Thus, given below is a comprehensive expert guide that will help you discover a lot more and gain the necessary knowledge about this build.

So, keep scrolling below to join the mathematical journey of the Sett build.

mathematically correct sett

What is the Mathematically Correct Sett Build in the League of Legends?

The Mathematically Correct Sett is being built by inputting two stats on the Sett, i.e., Attack Damage(AD) and Health Points(HP).

In other words, this means that this game does not involve any speed, resistance, or any other item.

Rather, the items in the gameplay may add AD, HP, Ability Haste(AH), health regeneration, and movement support.

Thus, the list below mentions the major items required for building a Mathematically Correct Sett build in the proper order.

Also, we have mentioned the powers that you will receive after purchasing that particular item and weapons from the list.

  • Doran’s Blade will provide you with HP and AD.
  • GoreDrinker will equip you with AD, HP, AH, and Health Regeneration.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity will boost Sett with AH and Movement Speed.
  • Sterak’s Gage will stimulate the character with AD & HP.
  • Black Cleaver will give you enough AD, HP, and AH.
  • Titanic Hydra will offer you AD and HP.
  • Warmog’s Armor will furnish the character with AH, HP, and Health Regeneration.

mathematically correct sett

Before starting the game, select Doran’s Blade and Health Potion. After that, you should aim to achieve Goredrinker and the Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

These items will enhance your attacks for sure. Behind this, you should follow the order and equip; Steraks Gage, Black Cleaver, Titanic Hydra, and the Warmog’s Armor to make your core build strong.

The main thing you should keep in mind while constructing a Mathematically Correct Sett build is boosting your W (Sett’s Haymaker) to increase the damage.

More content of this guide mentioned below explains the working and some other elements of the Mathematically Correct Sett build.

How Does a Mathematically Correct Sett Build Work?

This build involves two stats, i.e., the function of Sett Haymaker (W) and nature.

The Haymaker (W) allows the Sett to reserve about 100% of the post-mitigation damage brought by the Grit on his resource bar, which is almost 50% of his maximum health.

As the Haymaker stores only post-mitigation damage, thus, to maximize its effects, the character of Sett avoids building defensive items that can mitigate the damage.

You, as a player, should take care of this fact and only buy items that can expand HP and AD. By doing so, Sett can become a relatively tanky frontline warrior while maximizing the Grit.

Ok! Ok! It might not be easy to understand. To explain the same in simplified and straightforward language.

The Mathematically Correct Sett in Dota 2 is the best build for Tanks. The maths applied to build this Sett is quite specific, as this Build stacks its AD and HP to the highest possible levels and keeps stacking them by the end of the game.

With this Sett build, you will achieve about 2,000 damages and 5,000 health. This particular design Sett by the developer is not only dependent on HP or AD.

Rather, it focuses on 3 key states: haste, health, and AD. The first step is to build the stacks by the list and order of items mentioned above.

Doing so can maximize your W and increase the damage caused. Beyond this, your major focus should be finding the right tank capable of creating high damage.

To find the right tank, you should focus on something other than resistance and focus primarily on attack damage.

Maximizing the Grit Bar can also create great damage while wiping out the health bars. Thus, having the right skills and items to improve the stats and build a Mathematically Correct Sett is necessary.

Why is the Mathematically Correct Sett Build So Overpowered?

This build relies entirely on calculations that allow you to select different items, with the main goal of achieving and gathering the maximum AD and HP.

Additionally, we provide players with massive shields to protect themselves, such as Sett W.

This build does not include disabled players; instead, it allows them to stack up their CC and health. It is also one of the most popular League of Legends, created by Mathew Knipfer.

The major reason the Mathematically Correct Sett build is so powerful and works so well with tanks Setts is the Haymaker’s passive.

Whenever the character of Sett suffers from the damage of any sort, his passive helps him to regain health by 50%.

And since the works of the Sett’s passive is to take damages, it also does not produce any defensive items that can help his tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Sett?

Ans. When should you pick him up in the game? The character of Sett is a high-damage juggernaut with a beefy personality who not only dominates the early stages of the game but also carries on upfront team fights, which occur thereupon.

He also has a kit with him, which can create high damage when potentially and adequately used.

The best time to pick up and choose Sett during the gameplay is when your enemy team has a big and beefy character on the frontline or some melee fighters trying to get close to you.

Q. Why is the Mathematically Correct Sett the Strongest Ever?

Ans. The major reason this game is strongest than ever is the element of Shojin’s Spear being added to the game.

We don’t particularly build this Mathematically Correct Sett on the ability to haste, but it provides optimal items that give up to 50 AH on the W you have.

Q. Why Does a Sett Create So Much Damage?

Ans. The Sett passively creates damages that he had taken as Gritt. Sett expands all his stored Gritt to gain a shield and punch a particular area.

The true damage by his punch is made in the center, and physical damage is on the sides.

Q. When Does a Sett Turn Golden?

Ans. When the Sett attains 90% Gritt, the Sett starts to glow.

Q. What Items Should Be Purchased for the Sett to Ensure the Winning Possibilities?

Ans. Listed below are certain items that will ensure the win of the Sett in the Mathematically Correct Sett.

  • Long Swords
  • Goredrinker
  • Plated Steelcaps
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Dead Man’s Plate
  • Death’s Dance Sterak’s
  • Gage

Apart from this, Flash and Teleport can be used as summoner spells.

Last Words

Thus, that was all about the necessary information we wanted to share with you about the Mathematically Correct Sett.

After you have clearly understood and stuffed yourself with the information mentioned above, you can start playing this exciting and extraordinary game and explore the rest during the gameplay.

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