Treasure of Nadia Crafting Recipes List – Complete List

Treasure of Nadia is a wholesome adventure game designed and publicized by NLT media.

This game is quite erotic, like Danganronpa, as it will enable you to meet about 12 beautiful women as you adventure through the jungles and caves in the game while searching for artifacts.

This game allows the players to craft various things such as keys, potions, and others using certain items. Each of the items that you want to make has its recipe.

Thus, here in this descriptive article, we will disclose some of the Treasure of Nadia crafting recipes list.

This would help you by telling you what ingredients are required for the same. This Treasure of Nadia crafting recipes list below will help you save time and progress faster in the game.

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So now, let’s start discovering the recipes list without further delay.

All Treasure of Nadia Crafting Recipes List

treasure of nadia crafting recipes list

Below is all the Treasure of Nadia crafting recipes list you can craft in the game.

1. ???

Items required- Death Doll + White Hair Stand x3 Location- Church Sewers Lost Underground

2. Aloe Potion

Items required- Aloe Plant + Shea Butter + Ginseng Plant + Basic Container Location- Lighthouse

3. Ant Killer

Items required- Fossilized Algae + Rusty Key + Quartz & Alumina Location- Estero State Park

4. Algae Shock

Items required- Aloe Plant + Jasmine + Limestone + Chlorine Location- Albert Lighthouse

5. Blow Dart

Items required- Dart, Scorpion Venom + Bamboo + Feather Location- Estero Park

6. Bedroom Key

Items required- Macca Plant + Essence of Key + Aloe Plant + Jaquar Hair Location- Mansion 3rd Floor Guard

7. Camera Repair

Items required- Broken Camera + Camera Base + Small Screwdriver + Loose Screws Location- Estero State Park

8. Chest Key

Items required- Broken Key + Broken Key + Broken Key + Broken Key Location- Church Room east of Madalyn

9. Concrete

Items required- Stone talisman + Fly Ash + White Sand + Dolomite Location- Estero State Park

10. Deadly Whip

Items required- Whip + Royal Talisman + Poison Thorns + Show Glue Location- Caverns

11. Dehumidifier

Items required- Broken Dehumidifier + Small Screwdriver + Silver ore + Gold Talisman Location- Deep Jungle

12. God’s Shovel

Items required- God’s Shovel Shaft + God’s Shovel Handle + God’s Shovel Head + Talisman of the Gods Location- Mansion Fountain of Youth

13. Gold Talisman

Items required- Stone Talisman + Stone Talisman + Stone Talisman + Gold Ore Location- Estero State Park

14. Golden Teddie

Items required- Gold Ore + Gold Ore + Gold Ore + False Talisman Location- Caverns

15. Grand Talisman

Items required- Gold Ore + False Talisman Caverns 2 + Gold Ore + Gold Ore Location- Caverns

16. Hacking Tool

Items required- Key card + ID Card Writer + System BIOS + Encryption scanner. Location- Mansion Pool

17. Jade Shovel

Items required- Shovel Head + Shovel shaft + Shovel Hadle + Jade Talisman Location- Caverns

18. Jasmine Massage Oil

Items required- Jasmine + Rosa Moss + Basic Container + Love Potion Location- Light House

19. King Shovel

Items required- King’s Shovel Handle + King’s Shovel Shaft + King’s Shovel Head + Caulli’s Coin Location- Deep Jungle

20. Loaded Musket

Items required- Cleaning Oil + Old Bullet + Old Musket + Silver Ore Location- Caverns

21. Metal Ladder

Items required- Silver ore + Ladder Segment X3 Location- Mansion 2nd Floor

22. Mystical Gas

Mask Items required- Painter’s Mask + Fly ash + Super Goggles + Grand Talisman Location- Casula Temple

23. NitroGlycerin

Items required- Soap + Nitric Acid + Sulphuric Acid + Basic Container Location- Casula Temple

24. Penetrating Oil

Items required- Nail Polish Remover + Aloe Plant + Transmission Fluid + Basic Container Location- Lighthouse Mysterious Key Required

25. Pickaxe

Items required- Wrench Grip + Gaffer Tape + Grappling Hook + Pipe Wrench Location- Estero State Park

26. Pirate Key

Items required- Pirate Medallion + Grand Talisman + Broken Key + Broken Key Location- Church Sewers Lost Underground

27. Pirate Shovel

Items required- Jade Talisman + Cursed Shovel + Pirate Medallion + Gold Talisman Location- Caverns

28. Rat Trap

Items required- Plastic Wrap + Gaffer Tape + Roach + Basic Container Location- The Full Mast Bar

29. Rope Ladder

Items required- Knot Tying Guide + Tiny Rope x3 Location- Deep Jungle

30. Rock Bomb

Items required- Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman + Basic Container + Nitroglycerin Location- Estero State Park

31. Royal Talisman

Items required- Grand Talisman x3 + Caulli’s Coin Location- Library Basement

32. Silver Talisman

Items required- Stone Talisman + Stone Talisman + Stone Talisman + Silver Ore Location- The Parlor Backyard

33. Stompin’ Boots

Items required- Leather Gloves + Shoelaces + Damaged Boots + Shoe Glue Location- The Full Mast Bar Men’s Room

34. Swift Shovel

Items required- Alloy Shovel Hand + Ultra Shovel Hand + Carbon Shovel Shaft + Silver Talisman Location- Light House Albert’s Room

35. Tomb Key

Items required- Tomb Key Segment x3 + Tikpak Artifact Location- Caverns

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are Some of the In-game Locations of Treasure of Nadia?

Ans. Some of the in-game locations where you can find and make new items with the help of the Treasure of Nadia crafting recipes list are:-

  • Cave
  • Lighthouse
  • Parlour
  • Mansion
  • Church
  • Beach
  • Squallmart
  • Full Mast Bar
  • Estero Park
  • Estero State Park
  • Cemetery
  • Estero Key
  • Home
  • Library
  • Janet’s Home
  • Caverns

Q. What Are the Major Navigations or Controls of the Game?

Ans. Controls are important information that everyone should know for playing the game. Thus, the controls for the game; Treasure of Nadia are:-

  • Left mouse button – Action/Movement
  • Right mouse button – Open inventory
  • Z – Action
  • X – Open inventory
  • Arrows, NumPad – Movement
  • F2 – Show FPS/MS
  • F3 – Zoom In/Out
  • F4 – Full screen/Windowed mode
  • F5 – Exit to the title screen (Without saving)

Let’s Wrap Up

Thus, that was a complete guided list of all the Treasure of Nadia crafting recipes list you should be aware of.

Now with the help of this, you can create the listed items, make advancements in the game, and feel superior to your opponents.

So, do not wait any further; bookmark this page now and start collecting and creating items in the fun-filled adventure game of Treasure of Nadia.

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