How to Hack Clash of Clans? – 100% Working Tips

Clash of Clash is one of the most popular games among gamers worldwide. It is taking mobile devices by storm, as this gaming application works best on Android and iOS devices. 

If you are a passionate player of this game, you must be eager to get acquainted with some of the trickson how to hack Clash of Clans or tell you certain jokes with whose help you can progress faster. 

While due to the amazing game and fun gameplay COC has a worldwide fan base, so users ask how to change name on Clash of Clans. For that, check out our latest post.

Your search for the same indeed ends here. This comprehensive article has narrowed down certain authentic tricks and tips to help you run this. 

No matter whether you are a professional gamer or a noob, the tricks mentioned below will surely not only blow up your mind but also tend to improve your gaming skills. 

Thus, make notes of how to hack Clash of Clans by scrolling down this article via GamePike

How to Hack Clash of Clans on Android and iOS?

how to hack clash of clansIf you are playing this game, ensure you play the same with all the patience, as the player will make slow progress.

So, the best way to move forward is to earn exclusive in-game cash, gems, or rewards.

For this, you might find a variety of applications online that offer a plethora of cheat codes. 

But, unfortunately, it is not necessary that cheats may work. It can also harm the game, as the players might lose the existing in-game money or gems or even become victims of online malware or scam codes. 

Moreover, if you are caught detecting cheating hacks, your account might get deleted. 

Here, we mentioned some viable tips on hacking Clash of Clans that you can follow to achieve the best results and gain rewards. 

1. Hack Clash of Clans on Android Mobile Phones

For hacking Clash of Clans on Android devices, players must use the Mod Apk. You will find the same on the website of Clashmod. 

  • Install the Clash of Clans Mod on your Android Phone.
  • Open this Mod app and try to play it like the usual game.
  • Here you will get the rewards for increasing gems, gold, and elixir. 

2. Hack Clash of Clans on iOS Mobile Phones

Like the App Store, there is a platform called Topstore, where you can download hacked and modified applications on your iPhone.

Follow the steps below to play the hacked version of Clash of Clans on your Apple device.

  • Search and download Topstore on Safari.
  • Go to the Setting if your device asks for specific permissions.
  • Now open Topstore and search for Clash of Clans hack and download it.
  • After installing the same, you can play the hacked version of COC on it and earn enormous rewards. 

In the above points, you must have read how to download and install the hacked Clash of Clans on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Thus, in the next head, we will share specific steps to get free gems by hacking Clash of Clans.

Some Methods to Hack COC and Acquire Free Gems

Gems are an essential part of the Clash of Clans game. They are beneficial for boosting the game and purchasing new in-game stuff. 

When the Builder Hall in the game crosses level 3, a structure of Gems Mine gets unlocked at the builder’s base. 

This Gem Mine would offer you two gems per day without asking you for any extra money in return for the same. 

But you can quickly increase the gem count by following specific steps to hack Clash of Clans and regularly improving the COC gem mine. 

Collecting extra gems would not cause any harm to you; instead, they would surely help in accumulating certain collectibles in the game shortly.

Follow the below-listed hacks to know how to do the same.

  • Make Sure Your Village is Manageable – Eliminate all the extra accessories like stones and trees to receive different gems.
  • Clear Up All Your Previous Achievements – If you have some of the gained achievements in your list, like wall buster, gold grab, sweet victory, etc., in your Clash of Clans. Then, we suggest you clear or acquire them to achieve more in-game gems. 
  • Using Gem Generator– For receiving unlimited gems that too free of cost. The best hack is to use the gem generator for the same. We also recommend you spend elixirs building up the gem mines. 
  • Do Not Spend Too Many Gems – At every game startup. The players get a certain amount of gems by default. From those, a hefty sum goes for learning the game’s tutorial. But, after it, we would only recommend you spend the rest of it in your account to purchase any resources once you earn some extra free gems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can We Trust the Websites That Claim to Help in Hacking COC?

Ans. If you are searching for how to hack Clash of Clans, you might come across various websites and YouTube videos that claim to help you.

It would help if you never fell into such a trap, as they could launch or install malicious programs on your device. But the solution to this is that the game cannot be hacked. 

Q. What Are Some of the Most Viable Ways of Getting Gems Free of Cost?

Ans. You can get gems free of cost by enhancing your gem mines, spending elixirs, finishing achievements, removing extra stuff from your village, and following specific other gameplay methods. 

Let’s Conclude

That was all we had to share regarding how to hack Clash of Clans

Go through the abovementioned article carefully to understand all the necessary concepts of hacking the COC. 

But we also want to warn you that attempting to hack the Clash of Clans can block your account from all the gaming platforms operated by Supercell. 

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