7 Days Challenge to Promote Self-Isolation – PUBG Mobile

As India goes through a 21-day nationwide lockdown, the PUBG Mobile team has announced a 7 Days Challenge to encourage players to remain reception. For the challenge, PUBG Mobile is going to be hosting various contests and activities on social media and in-game.

During the 7 Days Challenge, PUBG Mobile players can engage in several activities including topical quizzes, art contests, trivia challenges, and in-game battles, which can allow players to earn UC, Classic Coupons, rare outfits, Bonus Challenge coupons, and a few other rewards. Players will get new tasks every day alongside a community match, where they’re going to battle for 17,000 UC.

PUBG Mobile is additionally offering bonus UC on purchases until April 12. After purchasing any amount of UC, players will get one Lucky Crate that contains an additional 10UC and buying a minimum of 60UC offers two Lucky Crates and up to 150UC extra. Outfits also will get on discount from April 10 to April 19. the primary purchase will offer 30% discount, the second purchase will get 50% off, and therefore the third purchase will offer 70% discount. PUBG Mobile team will announce additional details about the 7 Days Challenge via their social media handles.

Bony Nakhale
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