All CSGO Callouts Dust 2 Maps to Improve the Communication

CSGO callouts Dust 2 are the most iconic maps in the CS community. Excellent communication is imperative for any team or player to excel in a tactical setting.

As a Counter-Strike player, whether a pro or a casual, it’s necessary to learn which callouts to improve your chances of winning on this classic map and ascending the ranks.

Effective communication hinges on familiarity with the appropriate map callouts in tense situations. 

While in CSGO, players usually concentrate on their appearance and value. You can explore CSGO float value by reading our article on it.

Thankfully, our guide will provide a complete overview of all the CSGO callouts Dust 2 map you need to know.

What is a Callouts Dust 2 in CSGO?

csgo callouts dust 2When a player wishes to specify a specific location on the map, they use the word callout.

The goal is to assign specific ” nicknames ” areas, so teammates know what is happening. 

It is far faster than giving specific information about a spot. Each map in CSGO has many callouts, some of which are more well-known than others. 

You can check the best smoke spots in Dust 2 in CSGO. These spots will help you control critical areas of the map and give your team the upper hand.

Also, depending on the language spoken by the players, these CSGO callouts Dust 2 may alter, implying that the phrases used in this article may not be universal. 

This is a significant reason why many top-performing CSGO teams are from the same nation since they can communicate and coordinate better, utilizing the same language and vocabulary.

CSGO Callout Dust 2 Map Layout

Dust 2 is the most well-known map among Counter-Strike gamers. 

While it may not always be their first pick, it has a special meaning for individuals in the CSGO community. 

With a map update in June 2020, Valve added characteristics that let previous CS 1.6 players feel more at ease with the area. 

As a result, learning the CSGO callouts Dust 2 should be a high goal for every new player.

Let’s get started!

1. A Site

csgo callouts dust 2The A site callouts are listed below:

  • A Short: This route connects the midpoint and the A bombsite. Short Stairs: The stairwell connects A Short and Catwalk.
  • Ninja: If the Ts all arrive from A Long and fail to clear this position, the CTs can Ninja disperse the bomb plant by hiding behind the mound of boxes on the A Short side of A.
  • Goose: The region behind A Site, where the wall is coated with a geese spray.
  • Ramp: The CSGO callout “A Ramp” on the Dust 2 map refers to the ramp going up to the A Bombsite through A Cross.
  • A Car: The automobile parked on the right side of A Long while entering through A Long.
  • A Cross: Terrorists must breach the boundary between A Long and A Site.
  • Short Boost: On the A site, the containers right outside CT Spawn. They can accelerate CTs onto A Short rather than running there through cross or A Short.
  • A Long: The Dust II map region connects the Long Doors and Pit area to the A Bombsite. There is ample enough space for the terrorist to push A site.

2. B Site

csgo callouts dust 2The B site callouts are listed below:

  • B Doors: The doors that connect the B bombsite to CT Mid.
  • B Window: Here is the breach in the brick wall at the B site, which is elevated off the ground with the help of several boxes.
  • Double Stack: This callout highlights the two crates piled on top of each other in the middle of the B bombsite.
  • B Default: Where the bomb is most usually put on the B Site. It’s near B Window, on the other side of B Doors, and hugs the brick wall.
  • B Back Site: This CSGO Dust 2 callout is for the rear of the B bombsite.
  • Big Box: This is the massive box in the center of the B site. It separates the bombsite from B Plat.
  • B Plat: This elevated part of the B bombsite, directly across from the B Tunnels exit, is where the bomb may be put.
  • Fence: This wall on B Site is gated and can be used as a hideout until the Ts move from the Tunnels to B Site.
  •  B Car: If you arrive through the middle, this is the vehicle on B site to the right of the Tunnels Exit and the left of B Doors.
  • Close/Dog: It’s a simple callout, but it’s how the left corner is usually referred to when a terrorist accesses the B site via the B Tunnels.

3. Other Dust 2 Callouts Near T side:

csgo callouts dust 2The other Dust 2 callouts are listed below:

  • T Spawn: T Spawn is the starting point for the terrorist side on the level Dust II.
  • T Plat: T Platform, sometimes known as T Plat in short, is an elevated platform that links T Spawn to the region outside B Tunnels on the Dust 2 map. It contains several brick stacks that may be used as vantage points to peak B Tunnels.
  • T Ramp: This slope section drops from T Spawn to the region outside B Tunnels. This CSGO callout Dust 2 only applies to the ramp part, not the raised high platform.
  • Suicide: After leaping off of T Spawn, this is the region from which one may run right to Top Mid.
  • Outside Long: This is the open space adjacent to Long Doors on the T Spawn side of the map.
  • Long Doors: The doors that link Outside Long and A Long.
  • Pit: The sloping slope at the end of A Long and just outside Long Doors.

4. Near CT Side:

csgo callouts dust 2The near CT side callouts are listed below:

  • CT Spawn: CT Spawn is the starting point for Counter Terrorist players in the game Dust II.
  • CT Mid: This callout refers to the region that connects B Site, Mid, and CT Spawn. This location is located close to CT Spawn and is hidden behind mid-doors.
  • Scaffolding: This scaffolding is immediately outside B, near the B Window. These may be stepped on to have a good view position for mid to B pushes.

5. Middle of the Map:

csgo callouts dust 2The middle of the map callouts are listed below:

  • Mid: The section going from Mid Doors to Mid’s peak in the middle of the map. Generally, “Mid” refers to the sloped area of Mid.
  • Mid Doors: The doors that separate CT mid from mid.
  • Xbox: The container in Mid by the doors that go to Catwalk and A Short. It’s just next to the Lower B Tunnels exit.
  • Cat Walk: This CSGO Dust 2 callout refers to the elevated walkway along the map’s Mid right side and links to A Short and Bombsite.
  • Palm: The previous Palm Tree is now a telephone pole towards the top of the midway, next to the Catwalk.
  • Top Mid: Top Mid is the upper area of the mid that can be seen if you look up toward T Spawn from Mid Doors. This is the relationship between Mid and Suicide.
  • Upper Tunnels: Upper Tunnels are one of the two components of B Tunnels. It begins at the T Spawn entry to the B Tunnels and proceeds to the tunnel entrance leading to the B bombsite.
  • Lower Tunnels: Lower Tunnels is one of B Tunnels’ two sections. It begins at the steps leading from the Upper Tunnels into the hallway connecting the Tunnels to the mid and ends at the central doorway.
  • Blue: This callout refers to the blue freight box before A Long Doors.

These are our list of all CSGO callouts Dust 2. 

We hope these CSGO callouts Dust 2 help you communicate quickly and be more accessible with your allies.


That gets us to the end of our discussion about CSGO callouts Dust 2 and map specifics for now! 

Save this page for future use, as we will add additional material. Meanwhile, please share your favorite CSGO callouts Dust 2 with us and any regularly utilized ones that we may have overlooked. 

Also, leave a comment & let us know what you think – we love hearing from our readers!

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