Ancient Debris: How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft

In the vast and blocky world of Minecraft, there is no shortage of valuable resources to discover and collect. One such resource is Ancient Debris, which plays a crucial role in the game, especially for players looking to craft powerful Netherite equipment.

The Nether Update in Minecraft 1.16 has brought an exciting new addition – Ancient Debris. This precious ore gives you access to Netherite, a valuable resource that can upgrade your gear to the highest level. We aim to provide you with a guide on how to obtain Debris in Minecraft.

In this GamePike guide, we will take you through the ins and outs of finding Ancient Debris in Minecraft so you can upgrade your gear and conquer the Nether.

What is Ancient Debris in Minecraft?

ancient debrisAncient Debris in Minecraft is generated in the Nether through one to four-block veins. Ancient Debris is obtained when mined with a diamond pickaxe or better.

In some cases, ancient Debris is generated under a twisting vine, and it is visible from the surface as well. The Fortune enchantment does not work on ancient Debris like iron and gold ore.

Players must turn Ancient Debris into netherite scraps, then into netherite Ingots. These Ingots can be used for crafting. Ancient Debris drops itself if mined by a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Ancient Debris does not drop by using any other tool.

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Easiest Ways to Find Ancient Debris

Finding Ancient Debris is no easy task, but players should be able to find Ancient Debris at a decent rate using the methods below:

1. Bed Method

ancient debrisIt is an easy method to mine ancient Debris quickly. Players can combine the Bed and TNT methods to make it more efficient. In this method, players do not need to do a lot of mining.

They need to use multiple beds to protect themselves from the explosion damage. It is also a good idea to carry Totems of Undying, blast-proof armor, and fire resistance potions for personal protection.

To find ancient Debris using this method, follow these steps. First, start mining down to y = 15, where the highest concentration of Debris is found in the exposed blocks.

Next, craft a large number of beds. Store any remaining wool and planks in other storage if your inventory is complete. Then, begin tunnel mining. Every 16 blocks, mine a 1*1*5 tunnel and place a bed at the end of each side tunnel. The beds have an explosion power of 5.

After the explosion, you will find up to 3 in the exposed blocks. Neither gold ore may break, dropping gold nuggets you can collect. However, be aware of nearby angered piglins that may attack due to the mining activity.

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2. Branch Mining

ancient debrisBranch mining is another method to find Debris in Minecraft. Once the player reaches layer 15, they can attempt to find ancient Debris using the branch mining technique.

Branch mining involves digging 2×2 tunnels from a central space and extending branches. Using a diamond pickaxe is recommended for this task. 

To increase the chances of finding ancient Debris, using a diamond pickaxe with at least Efficiency II, Mending, and Unbreaking III is recommended.

To start branch mining, dig in one direction until you encounter lava, then change direction and continue digging.

Branch mining is considered superior and more efficient than the bed method for locating Debris in Minecraft.

3. Chunk Border Mining

ancient debrisIf your X and Z coordinates are multiples of 16, the player is in the corner of a chunk. Players can find the most ancient Debris in the Java edition on a chunk border.

Instead of just digging at y=15, ancient Debris generates more at chunk borders. Players can use the shortcut F3+G in the Java edition to an X and Z coordinate, a multiple of 16 in Bedrock.

Once the player reaches y=15, they can either strip mine or mine a tunnel and use TNT to explode. Players can mine a 2×2 tunnel and bed-bomb the area to try and mine out a few blocks. Repeat this process to create an optimal distance between 8-10 block branches.

Another option available to players is TNT mining. The player can place TNT on every other block and mine a 2×1 tunnel for as long as they choose. Finally, detonate the TNT to start a significant chain reaction.

The player can then simply mine pieces of Ancient Debris. If the player is too close to the TNT, this strategy can be dangerous, so keeping your distance and carrying a totem is essential. Using blast-resistant blocks, players can also fortify a wall for protection.

When going through your Nether portal to find Ancient Debris in Minecraft, make sure to have your coordinates visible (press F3 on PC for the Java edition and toggle the “show coordinates” option in your settings for the Bedrock edition) so you can find an appropriate y-level to begin mining. 

Players should also make note of their Nether portal’s coordinates so they can easily find their way back home.

Let’s Wrap!

With your collected Ancient Debris, you can craft Netherite ingots by smelting the Ancient Debris in a furnace or blast furnace. 

Combine four Netherite ingots with four Gold Ingots to create one Netherite ingot. You can upgrade your Diamond gear to Netherite gear using a Smithing Table and an additional Netherite ingot.

Finding Debris may take time and patience, but the reward of upgrading your gear to Netherite is well worth the effort. Armed with your enhanced equipment, you’ll be better equipped to face the challenges of both the Nether and the Overworld in Minecraft. 

So gear up, delve into the fiery depths of the Nether, and start your quest for Ancient Debris today!

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