How to Complete Bad Rep Evidence in EFT?

Curious about how to finish the Bad Rep Evidence quest in Escape from Tarkov? No need to worry; we have covered you with a comprehensive guide under GamePike!!

Among the many missions in the game, warrant officer Prapor’s quest stands out for its complexity and tedium. 

With that, one of the most exciting tasks in Escape from Tarkov is the Extortionist Tarkov quest. The Extortionist Tarkov Skier quest in Escape from Tarkov becomes available once you reach Level 7.

Players traverse different locations and search for specific items, culminating in a successful extraction in the Bad Rep Evidence quest. 

This guide will walk you through the steps to complete the Bad Rep Evidence quest in Escape from Tarkov.

Bad Rep Evidence Quest Overview

bad rep evidenceThe EFT Bad Rep Evidence quest is given by trader Pavel Yegorovich Romanenko, also known as Prapor, in Escape from Tarkov.

This quest takes place at the Customs location. Players must acquire Bad Rep Evidence from Prapor, who operates in the Verkhneye Urban Settlement, to start the search. 

However, before undertaking the mission, players must already have the Portable Bunkhouse Key in their inventory.

Prapor informs the player that the foreman for the area has hidden a folder of documents around Tarkov Customs. 

The folder is a large black leather satchel with “0031” marked on it in white, and it can be found on a desk.

Alongside some books inside a two-story shipping container office located near the south area of the dorms, next to an abandoned construction site with a partially finished building. 

Players need to search for this folder and bring it back intact. Once the player takes the folder, they must safely evacuate the area to complete the quest.

In a recent update, an exciting quest is known as Operation Aquarius, part 1 for Escape from Tarkov. Check out our guide.

How to Complete Bad Rep Evidence Tarkov?

The following are the quest objectives:

  1. Secure Folder 0031 may be found in the bunkhouse on Customs.
    • (Optional) Access the closed room in the factory’s office hallway on the third floor.
    • (Optional) Obtain the Portable bunkhouse key
  2. Let’s hand over the packet.
  3. Survive and flee the place.

1. Obtain Secure Folder 0031

To obtain an entire grade upon completing the Bad Rep Evidence quest in EFT, follow these steps instead of those mentioned above. 

Start by acquiring the Factory Emergency Exit Key, which grants access to the locked room. Next, locate the Portable Bunkhouse key by looting Jackets loot containers on Scavs or purchasing it at the flea market. 

Once you have the Portable Bunkhouse key, head to the construction zone in customs, where you’ll find a set of stacked bunkhouses. 

Ascend the stairs to the second bunkhouse, then proceed into the room on the right. Inside, on the table, you’ll discover the Secure Folder 00031. 

Following these steps will help you finish the optional objectives and achieve a higher grade for the quest.

This key can be found using the following methods:

  1. Looting
    • Jackets serve as treasure containers.
    • Scavengers’ pockets and bags
  2. In the guard desk office on Customs, next to a broken TV
  3. In a Blue Locker on the eastern side of Customs, south of the smokestacks.
  4. Behind the Old Gas Station on the ground
  5. Investing with Jaeger
  6. Finishing the Scout quest

Once you acquire the Factory Emergency Exit Key, you can open the door to the locked room in the office hallway on the factory’s third floor. 

Inside this room, you’ll see the Portable Bunkhouse key on the ground beneath a hanging Jacket loot container. 

With the Portable Bunkhouse key, you can proceed to the construction zone in Customs, where a group of stacked bunkhouses can be found. 

Ascend the stairs to the second bunkhouse, and upon entering the right room, you will locate Secure Folder 0031 resting on the table.

2. Hand Over Secure Folder 0031 to Prapor

Once you acquire Secure Folder 0031, it must be delivered to Prapor in the Verkhenye Urban Settlement.

3. Survive and Extract

After delivering Secure Folder 0031 to Prapor, you must extract from Customs via one of the exfiltration points. 

We recommend Crossroads, Trailer Park, or RUAF Roadblock as they do not require any additional items and are accessible to both PMCs and Scavs.

What Are the Bad Rep Evidence Quest Rewards

The rewards for completing the Bad Rep Evidence task in Escape from Tarkov are as follows:

  1. +4,100 EXP
  2. +0.3 for Prapor Rep
  3. 35,000 Roubles (In the absence of an Intelligence Centre)
  4. 36,750 Roubles (Level 1 Intelligence Centre)
  5. 40,250 Roubles (Level 2 Intelligence Centre)
  6. 1x Kedr-B PP-91-01 9x18PM submachine pistol
  7. 30 round PP-91 9x18PM magazine
  8. PPO 120x 9x18mm PS gs
  9. Allows you to buy a Zenit-BelOMO PSO-1M2-1 4×24 scope at Prapor T2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Buy a Portable Bunkhouse Key at the Flea Market?

Ans. To begin, the portable bunkhouse key can spawn in Scav pockets, bags, and Jacket pockets or be purchased at a flea market.

Q. What Does the Factory Key Open?

Ans. Aside from treasure, the Factory Key may unlock both doors and create a helpful shortcut that saves you time rather than traveling all the way around. You may also use the key from the map Interchange to unlock the gasoline tanker trucks’ doors.

Wrapped Up!

Embarking on the “Bad Rep Evidence” quest early in the game is wise for players seeking to bolster their weapon stash and establish a good rapport with Prapor and his allies for future quests and vendor interactions. 

The quest entry requirements are manageable, and the rewards far surpass the average yield, considering the quest’s difficulty level.

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