Shadow of War Shelob: Where to Find Every Shelob Memory

“Middle-earth: Shadow of War” is an action-packed open-world game set in the rich and immersive world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

Among the game’s many captivating elements is the character Shadow of War Shelob, a fearsome giant spider with a mysterious and enigmatic role in the game’s story.

In this online game “Shadow of War,” players can collect Shelob Memories scattered throughout the game world. 

In this GamePike guide, we will help you discover the locations of every Shadow of War Shelob Memory, shedding light on the hidden aspects of Shelob’s character and the game’s storyline.

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Shadow of War Shelob’s Role – Complete Overview

shadow of war shelobBefore delving into the locations of Shelob Memories, let’s take a moment to examine Shadow of War Shelob’s importance in the game’s narrative.

Shadow of War Shelob is portrayed as more than just a fearsome enemy. She is a multifaceted character with her aims and motivations.

Players are given hints and clues about Shadow of War Shelob’s history and ties to the One Ring throughout the game. 

By gathering Shelob’s Memories, players can uncover the enigmas surrounding this captivating character and acquire a greater comprehension of her place in the overarching tale of Middle-earth.

Early in the game, Shelob plays a critical role as the guardian of the Palantir, a powerful seeing-stone coveted by various factions, including the protagonist, Talion, and the antagonistic forces of Sauron. 

Her role as the guardian of this artifact sets the stage for her involvement in the more significant conflict.

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Shadow of War Shelob Memories Locations

There are several Shelob Memories to collect in “Shadow of War.” Each memory is represented by a glowing blue web icon on the game’s map.

Below, we provide the locations of every Shelob Memory:

1. Shelob Memories in Minas Ithil

shadow of war shelobMinas Ithil is the initial region you’ll explore in Shadow of War, where you’ll discover the first three Shelob Memories dispersed throughout the map.

Each region contains three Shelob Memories, and locating all of them rewards you with one skill point. Every individual memory offers insights into Shelob’s backstory and her connection to the game’s primary antagonist.

Once you have found a memory, you must interact with it to solve a puzzle. This puzzle involves rotating a shattered image until you discover the correct angle to align the pieces.

2. Shelob Memories in Cirith Ungol

shadow of war shelobThe region known as Cirith Ungol is characterized by its vast expanse of rocky terrain and deep caverns, with the fortress of the same name perched precariously on the edge of a cliff.

In the game’s lore, Shelob dwells in this region, adding to its eerie and foreboding atmosphere. Within Cirith Ungol, numerous tunnels and passages lead to open areas, some of which have fallen into disrepair and been taken over by Uruk outposts. 

Inhabitants of this challenging region include Ghuls and Spiders, which pose significant threats to any who venture into their domain.

3. Shelob Memories in Nurnen

shadow of war shelobNurnen, unlike the other regions, boasts abundant green and natural scenery. It is a rejuvenating spectacle, considering the potential monotony of colors in the different regions.

You will encounter two supporting characters in this region, Brúz and Carnan. Additionally, you will be exposed to novel activities like the Fight Pits and the capture of fortresses.

4. Shelob Memories in Seregost

shadow of war shelobSeregost is the region where you’ll encounter the most vertical terrain as steep mountains surround it and include a frozen lake.

Seregost is one of the last two regions you can explore after completing the main quests in Nurnén. 

The region is filled with Caragors and Frost Graugs. It is also the region where you’ll have your final encounter with a particular enemy.

5. Shelob Memories in Gorgoroth

shadow of war shelobGorgoroth is one of the last regions, along with Seregost, that you’ll unlock after completing some of the main quests.

This region comprises several volcanic plains, including a large volcano outside the playable boundary. 

You’ll notice that most enemies here wield fire weapons, and numerous Drakes and Flame Graugs are in the surrounding area.

6. The Final Shelob Memory

shadow of war shelobThe final Shelob Memory reveals all the memories as a short cinematic, which also shows what happened in the aftermath of the events within those memories.

This memory is located in Cirith Ungol and can be found near the Haedir tower, which sits on the opposite side of the map from the fort. Facing the direction of the defense, there’s a cave to your bottom left. 

The memory is deeper inside the cave and sits by the wall to the left. After completing this memory, you’ll unlock the skill “Cluster of Spiders,” which allows you to summon a swarm of spiders instead of followers.


Collecting all of Shelob’s memories in “Middle-earth: Shadow of War” is a rewarding gameplay experience that offers an opportunity to delve more in-depth into the game’s narrative. 

By understanding Shadow of War Shelob’s past and her connection to the One Ring, players can add complexity to the story and make it even more immersive. 

Therefore, venturing into the diverse regions of Mordor, exploring each location, and unlocking the secrets hidden within the Shadow of War Shelob Memories can enrich your journey through Middle-earth.

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