PokeMMO Mods: Best Mods to Enhance Your Gameplay

PokeMMO is a massively multiplayer role-playing online game allowing players to catch Pokemons while visiting various in-game regions.

This fan-created game is playable on PC, iOS, Mac, Android, and Linux platforms. It is a type of emulator project that allows players to play third-generation Pokemon games online.

The gamers can also take an active participation in tournament battles. Although the game was launched in the year 2012, it does have some necessary system requirements, i.e., the ROMs are required for playing the game.

Another feature of this game is that you can add PokeMMO Mods, in this game. These customizable MODs help the player enhance the game as per their choice.

Thus, if you are also in search of something similar, then you have landed in the right place. In this guide, we will discuss 12 different PokeMMO Mods that would greatly assist you in hunting for shiny Pokemon.

So, go through the article below immediately to learn and use the PokeMMO Mods. 

List of Best PokeMMO Mods

pokemmo modsHere in this head, we have covered the 12 best PokeMMO Mods for you. Thus, glance at this exclusive list below, and download the one that suits you the best.

These Mods are designed to improve your gaming experience and allow you to perform things that cannot serve in the original gameplay.

You can also explore the fascinating world of fossil Pokemon, exploring their unique characteristics by visiting posts.

Quickly scroll down further to know more about the same. 

1. HD Battle Sprites

pokemmo modsThis is one of the most popular PokeMMO Mods, whose job is improving the game’s in-game graphics.

In this game, the Pokemon are usually static in the battles and also have a 2D effect. This, thus, makes it quite bland.

Therefore, here comes the Mod of HD Battle Sprites, by which Ayers can enhance the game’s graphics and give a more 3D and animated look. 

You can use altered and edited versions of the game that are easily accessible. Check some Pokemon ROM Hacks.

2. DS Trainers

pokemmo modsDS Trainer is a popular Mod in PokeMMO that would polish the Pokemon and the trainers. Yes, you heard that right.

The trainers in the game PokeMMO look extremely ugly, with outdated graphics. Thus, this Mod can replace all low-quality trainer sprites with improved, higher-quality ones. 

3. Encounter Counter

pokemmo modsIn the game PokeMMO, there are many shiny Pokemon. And as players, you might lose the count of them coming across in the game.

This is because there is a one in 30.000 chance to pass across them.

If you do not keep a count of them, you will remain stuck in that loop forever and unable to progress further in the game.

This PokeMMO Mods of encounter counter in the gameplay would help the players keep track of the progress by displaying the number of encounters on the screen’s top right corner. 

4. HD Items

pokemmo modsThe ability to keep a count of the same items available in PokeMMO is an essential part of the game.

Thus, during the gameplay, the players would continue using them. But, unfortunately, each one of them is available in low-resolution quality.

Thankfully, this Mod of HD items would allow the players to convert the quality of each item into crisp and high-quality resolution ones. 

5. Kanto Graphics Patch

pokemmo modsKanto is one of the oldest Pokemon regions where the tale of Ash Ketchum started.

Kanto Graphics Patch enhances the entire graphics and animation of the outer region of the Kanto area and thus beautifies all the elements and objects coming under it. 

And for an old Pokemon fanatic, the Kanto region is the heart and soul of the game. But this being one of the oldest in-game regions, the graphics presented in this area are also quite old, which can be frustrating for the players.

6. Monster Icons

pokemmo modsThe PokeMMO Monster icons are another attractive Mod through which the players could replace the low poly-looking Monster icons with HD icons.

This Mod will work best in Pokemon OR/AS and X/Y.

7. HD Maps

pokemmo modsAs the name suggests, this PokeMMO Mods of HD Maps enhances the game’s graphics.

With this, the players could slightly upgrade the in-game graphics to make the game look smoother.

This Mod can be used explicitly in the Kanto and Hoenn regions of the game. This Mod does its thing through the magnificent filter and the AI upscaling up to 4x. 

8. Gen 5 Follower Sprites

pokemmo modsGen 5 Follower Sprites is a popular PokeMMO Mods whose popular and most enjoyable aspect is the follower option.

In this Mod, the Pokemon leaves the Poke ball, follows the player everywhere, and is visible to everyone.

This amazing Mod can replace the textures of Gen 5 in the game. 

9. Sparkling Shiny Follower

pokemmo modsThe PokeMMO Mods of the Sparkling Shiny Follower works only when the players have shiny Pokemon. So if you do not have one, go and catch one.

This particular Mod would allow the players to add sparkling animations to the shiny followers.

This would be brilliant, as all the maximum Pokemons would be available in this pack, including the ones that belong to the Gen 4&5 ones. 

10. PokeMMO Music Overhaul

pokemmo modsPokeMMO Music Overhaul is all about the Music Mods to be included in the game.

Thus, the high-quality music track of about 2.4 GB will blow you surely blow your mind, including music such as:

  • Pokemon Origins (Kanto – Bicycle Theme, Lavender Town, Champion Music, Title Screen)
  • Ultra Sun/Moon (Sevii Islands)
  • Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee (Kanto)
  • Heart Gold/Soul Silver (Kanto)
  • Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
  • Hoenn Zame / Pokeli / Pokemon Black & White Super Mix (Unova)
  • Battle! Loremaster Zinnia – ORAS (Everywhere – PvP Battle Music)
  • Evolution – ORAS (Everywhere – Evolution Music)

11. Pokemon Anime Cries

pokemmo modsThis is another attractive PokeMMO Mods that though its name suggests that it has something to do with the voices used in the game.

Thus, the Vanilla PokeMMO has limited Pokemon voice packs that, too, are available in low quality.

Hence, this Pokemon Anime Cries Mode helps the players add quality sounds to the game. 

12. Faster Strings

pokemmo modsThis Faster String type PokeMMO Mods is essential for performing various end-game activities such as; breeding, farming, shunting, and fishing.

These Mods help the players to speed up the game by removing unnecessary dialogues, texts, and notifications.

By doing so, the players would be able to encounter more and more Pokemon hordes with strings in the same amount of time.

Completing the activity of farming and breeding is much easier with strings. As with this, the players would be able to hatch the shiny Pokemon using the shiny charm. Thus, if you want your pleasure to stay active, you would require more strings to breed the Pokemon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is It Legal to Use PokeMMO Mods?

Ans. If you worry about whether using PokeMMO Mods is legal or not. Well, by using them, you will not get banned. Therefore, you can get any of them from the above listed and enjoy them carefreely. 

Q. What ROM Supports Are Needed for PokeMMO?

Ans. All the regions available in PokeMMO require at least one ROM to work. The Black/White ROM is needed in all public areas. But apart from that, here is a list of currently available regions and the requirements for the same.

  • Unova: Black/White ROM
  • Hoenn: Black/White ROMs, Emerald, and Fire Red
  • Kanto: Black/White ROMs and Fire Red
  • Sinnoh: Black/White ROMs and Platinum

Q. How Can Players Battle With the Others in the PokeMMO?

Ans. The players can constantly challenge their opponents at any time. They have to right-click on them, then click on Duel and choose the game setup they want to play. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Thus, that was everything that we had to share with you regarding the best available PokeMMO Mods, available to use and play.

All the above-listed Mods mentioned can enhance the game’s graphics or help catch the PokeMMO game. 

If you are a crazy Pokemon fanatic, you can also read the other listed article related to the game of Pokemon on our blog post site. 

Happy Gaming!!

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