For Honor Tier List: All Heroes Ranked

The action game of For Honor, developed by Ubisoft, is set in the medieval period. This game was floored in the year 2017 for various platforms such as Xbox One, Play Station 4, and Microsoft Windows.

It is an action-based genre game that can be played in both single and multi-player modes. The players in this game are supposed to fight with enemies using weapons such as swords, axes, and spears.

Each of the heroes in the game is unique due to the presence of different abilities, weapons, and gaming styles, as mentioned in the For Honor Tier list.

Thus, you might need help to choose which in-game hero would be the best for a better gaming experience.

To date, there are about 29 in-game characters, and to use them wisely in the game, players need a lot of skill, patience, and practice.

This way, knowing about the For Honor Tier List is important for you, as it would help the players choose the best characters according to the current meta.

The major goal of this For Honor Tier List is to tell the overall power of the characters and to let the players know that by choosing which character, their chances of winning the game increase.

As each of the 29 characters in the game has its strengths and weaknesses, you might need help to pick a hero from the list.

Well, you need not get anxious about the same, as through this comprehensive piece of article, we will be providing you the For Honor Tier List, which will consist of a ranking of all the in-game heroes from best to worst.

Let’s get started with this informative article.

For Honor Tier List

for honor tier listAll the heroes in the game For Honor are divided into five factions: Vikings, Samurai, Wu Lin, Knights, and The Outlanders.

The characters are also divided into four distinct hero types, i.e., Heavy, Assassin, Vanguard, and Hybrid.

This For Honor Tier List would rank the players according to their consistency, ability to win the fights, and overall power level.

Thus, based on the abilities, skills, and efficiency, the in-game heroes are divided into five gaming tiers, such as:-


for honor tier listThe S-Tier consists of some of the best characters in the game. You won’t regret even a bit if you have these characters by your side in the game. These heroes will have incredible damage power and a good defense system.

All the heroes in the S-Tier of the For Honor Tier List, in the current meta, are the most dominating in-game characters. These characters also possess a plus point: they can survive in any condition.

The characters included in this are as follows:-

  • Conqueror– Knights/Heavy
  • Nobushi– Samurai/Hybrid
  • Jiang Jun- Wu Lin/Heavy
  • Kyoshin – Knights/Hybrid
  • Warmonger– Knights/Vanguard
  • Shinobi– Samurai/Assassin


for honor tier listRanked just after the S-Tier, the A-Tier characters are the ones that can be deeply trusted. These characters have decent stats and can fight well when facing higher-tier opponents.

As players, if you have a proper setup, know how to compose your team, and have a little practice, these characteristics prove highly beneficial for you.

The For Honor Tier List characters included here are as follows:-

  • Kensei– Samurai/Vanguard
  • Hitokiri– Samurai/Heavy
  • Shugoki– Samurai/Heavy
  • Black Prior– Knights/Heavy
  • Nuxia– Wu Lin/Assassin
  • Shaolin– Wu Lin/Hybrid
  • Berserker– Viking/Assassin
  • Medjay– The Outlanders/Hybrid
  • Warlord– Viking/Heavy
  • Raider-Viking/Vanguard
  • Gryphon– Knight/Hybrid


for honor tier listThe B-Tier For Honor Tier List consists of heroes who deliver average performance. The heroes listed under this tier are less powerful than the ones included in the B-Tier, but they have the power to fight well in certain specific situations.

Moreover, as a beginner of the game, the heroes of this tier are good ones to choose from, as they are easy to learn and are considered perfect for players of all skill levels.

Listed below are all the characters included in the B-Tier character list.

  • Pirate– The Outlanders/Hybrid
  • Jormungandr– Viking/Heavy
  • After a- Knights/Hybrid
  • Shaman– Viking/Assassin
  • Zhanhu– Wu Lin/Assassin


for honor tier listThe heroes included in this For Honor Tier List are neither too good nor bad. If you like the playstyle of these characters, you can choose them for your gameplay.

But, if you want some better options, then you can choose from the above tiers. The heroes included in this tier list are indeed good but do not have any exceptional qualities.

The heroes of this list can be useful when the time comes, but you cannot completely rely on them to save you in the game or help you move forward.

Listed below are the heroes included in the C-Tier list.

  • Centurion– Knights/Hybrid
  • Valkyrie – Viking/Hybrid
  • Orochi– Samurai/Assassin
  • Lawbringer– Knights/Hybrid


for honor tier listThe heroes of the D-Tier list will only be helpful when you have a specific team in your mind and want the heroes to play and behave in a specific manner and not more than that.

They are the least powerful heroes that feature in the For Honor Tier List that won’t help you survive the long in-game battles.

The characters included here are;

  • Peacekeeper– Knights/Assassin
  • Aramusha– Samurai/Hybrid
  • Tiandi– Wu Lin/Vanguard

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Often Does the For Honor Tier List Get Updated?

Ans. The For Honor Tier List, gets updated regularly, so to stay upto – date you should come back often to check for all the regular updates, latest information, and changes.

Q. Which is the Best Vanguard Hero of the Game?

Ans. Warmonger is the best Vanguard hero of the game, who can take up any challenge and come out to be quite victorious.

Q. Which Hero Belongs to the Hybrid Class is the Best?

Ans. Kyoshin, who belongs to the S-Tier of the For Honor Tier List, is the best hybrid class hero of the game. He uses Scabbard and Shikomizue Blade as his weapons, which are extremely powerful.

Q. Which is the Best Assassin Hero in the Game of For Honor?

Ans. The hero, Shinobi, is the best assassin hero of the game. His agility and quick attack abilities make him powerful on the battlefield. He has the supreme power to quickly eliminate his target and move on quickly to the next one.

Let’s Wrap Up

That was all we had to share about the For Honor Tier List. In the above comprehensive article, we have listed all the heroes included in the game and segregated them into different tiers according to their capabilities and performance.

Thus, if you want to dominate the battlefield, then make sure to choose your characters wisely. Also, come back again to to learn about more interesting gaming-based articles.

Till then, good luck and happy fighting.

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