The 10 Top Gamer Social Media Platforms: Connect, Compete, Conquer

Playing video games nowadays is not only considered a hobby or time pass. However, some people around the globe take gaming quite seriously and have carried gaming as a passion or career.

You would be happy to know that gaming is no longer taken as a criticized entertainment niche.

Today, across the globe, the entire gaming market is expansively huge, attracting people of different age groups, different countries, and different tastes & preferences.

It is quite stereotypical to think that gamers are introverted people who mind their own business and keep themselves busy playing games.

Rather, the truth is that gamers have a wide community that includes other gamers, where they get acquainted with each other, make necessary communications, discuss new games, hacks, cheat codes, and a lot more other gaming-based stuff.

Thus, if you are an active video game player and want to know the social media platforms for gaming, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 gamer social media platforms that you should use if you want to keep yourself updated about every detail and make a reputable position for yourself in the gaming market.

Hence, scroll down to this informative article to know all the essential details. 

What is the Importance of Using Gamer Social Media Platforms?

gamer social media platformsGamers across the globe have occupied an entirely different social media segment in the market.

Their way of thinking and acting upon certain important things is quite different from the others. Some gamers are constantly very active in the world of digital entertainment.

But, as an avid gamer, if you want to stay updated about all the latest news and trends, engage in gaming-based discussions, connect with fellow players, and more through gamer social media platforms.

Are you wondering about the statistics on the popularity of gamer social media platforms? Well, to your utter surprise, we would like to inform you that the gamer social media market constitutes a large portion of the overall market.

According to certain statistics, there are about 5 billion gamers currently. This would roughly mean that every second individual on the planet is a gamer and plays video games.

Most of the players use social media platforms to communicate with their fellow gamers and find out about new and exciting games.

According to the stats, the report presented by Statistics, the 5 best gamer social media platforms across the globe are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and TikTok.

Now switch down below to the next head to learn about the 10 best gamer social media platforms, in detail, where you would be able to consume the content that excites you the best, as well as would be able to communicate with fellow players as well.

List of Top 10 Gamer Social Media Platforms

Wondering what would be the best gamer social media platform for you? Well, probably the best social media platform for gamers is one that informs them about upcoming games and provides exclusive gaming-based content.

It should also offer a safe environment for players to discuss these topics with fellow gamers. The top 10 gamer social media platforms that would be perfect to use for gaming geeks like you are mentioned below.

So, wait no further and learn about the same below. 

1. Discord

gamer social media platformsThis gamer social media platform, popular among gamers, offers Discord servers with chat and voice chat options.

This social media platform for gamers is often considered a low-resource social networking gaming messenger.

The players on this platform are allowed to create different gaming channels and rooms where they can easily communicate with their fellow players as they progress through the game.

The players can even organize certain local tournaments with the help of the moderator. The Discord servers also have gaming news channels, which would keep the players updated about all the latest news about the game.

2. Twitch

gamer social media platformsTwitch is a social media platform specially designed for gamers who are engaged in the video streaming niche.

If you are an avid gaming streamer who would like to watch other streamed games online and want to try one yourself, then Twitch would prove to be the best platform for you.

This gamer social media platform also allows the players to find various gaming channels that they can subscribe to. Gamers can also communicate with fellow gamers through comments or private messages on this platform.

3. Reddit

gamer social media platformsReddit has long been a popular social media platform and a major hub for the gaming community.

The gamer social media platform of Reddit is further divided into several branches called subreddits.

The gamers can create their entries in subreddits; they would be allowed to write anything there, share their thoughts, or even invite the other players to discuss the game on this social media site.

The platform also has moderators who have some control over the conversation. Many of the gamers have subreddit pages that are dedicated to different gaming topics.

For example, on one page, the subreddit player discusses their gaming experiences, and on the other, the playthroughs or the difficulties they face while passing on through different levels.

4. Steam

gamer social media platformsSteam is not only a game store but also one of the most popular gamer social media platforms.

If you are a player who loves to play games that are PC-oriented, then you should probably use Steam.

This platform has a built-in chat system, where you would be allowed to chat with other players across the globe. As players, you would also be allowed to send the invitations to the co-op players directly on Steam.

It is an extremely convenient gamer social media platform where you can invite fellow players to join your game lobby directly.

5. YouTube

gamer social media platformsYouTube is a huge social media platform that has various gaming-based content across its entire platform.

The easiest way to seek a remedy while being stuck in a game is to watch a YouTube video for the guide or walkthrough of the same.

Apart from this, there are many gamers who run live gaming streams on this gamer social media platform.

In addition to this, you will also find various gaming reviews, news, and analysis from various gaming bloggers posted on their YouTube gaming channels.

Everything by far is good about this gamer social media platform, but what can make you a little disappointed is the presence of too many ads at the start and in the middle of the video and the absence of live interaction between the content creators and subscribers.

6. Instagram

gamer social media platformsAlthough Instagram is not considered a dedicated platform for gamers, it is still a well-known social media platform with a massive fan following.

Most of the popular games now have their own Instagram accounts, created to update players with news and run various competitions.

Additionally, these accounts often engage in paid partnerships with gamer influencers. Experts consider this gamer social media platform to be one of the best platforms for making relationships with fellow in-game players.

7. Facebook/Meta

gamer social media platforms

Facebook, or Meta, is believed to be one of the largest social networking platforms on the entire planet.

Facebook is the house for large gaming groups or community-based gaming.

Every popular game has its own Facebook page, which is run by the developers themselves, where they keep on posting all the crucial details and tips about the game.

As gamers, you can join these pages and get in touch with other similar gamers by communicating through the comment section of any post.

In addition to this, you can also start a gaming fan page for the game of your choice and start live streaming the game on it. As an example, League of Legends’ Facebook page currently has more than 15 million followers.

8. PlayStation Network

gamer social media platforms

If you are someone who mostly plays games on PlayStation, then you could prefer switching to PlayStation Network.

It is a type of gamer social media platform where you can send invitations to fellow players to join a gaming session.

Communicate with fellow players and in-game friends using chat and voice. Through this networking site, the players will also be able to add new content, as well as buy new games.

But, to be extremely honest with you, this PlayStation Network is a little outdated to work with; a better alternative to this can be Discord.

9. Xbox Live

gamer social media platformsThis gamer social media platform is only suitable for those who play on Xbox. This platform is also somewhat similar to the PlayStation Network.

Xbox Live also allows the players to send invitations to join fellow gamers, with whom they can chat & discuss the game.

Apart from this, you will also be able to buy new games and DLCs by following a few simple steps.

10. TikTok

gamer social media platforms

It is mostly not considered a gamer social media platform, but we would like to discuss it because of its popularity among gamers.

This Chinese social media platform is mostly operated and loved by the young gaming audience.

But gaming buffs do use TikTok to share their gameplay videos, funny in-game moments, and memes. Many of the game publishers have their own TikTok accounts, where they share gaming-related news.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is It Important to Use Social Media Platforms?

Ans. It is extremely important to use gamer social media platforms, as through this, the players would be able to communicate with other gamers, share their gaming experience, and agree on certain joint playthrough terms of cooperative and multiplayer games. 

Q. Which Are the Five Most Used Gamer Social Media Platforms?

Ans. According to the data collected from, most gamers use gamer social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and TikTok. 

Q. Why Do Gamers Have Started Using Social Media?

Ans. By using social media platforms, gamers would follow the pages of other players on social media to get aware of the latest gaming news, discuss gaming issues, and find their solutions by chatting with fellow players and finding gaming partners for cooperative playthroughs. 

Let’s Conclude

Thus, that was everything that we wanted to share with you regarding the gamer social media platforms. Above, we have mentioned the top 10 gamer social media platforms that everyone in the community would love to play with.

Whichever platform you choose to play with, we are sure you will enjoy plunging into the exciting world of gaming, communicating with fellow gamers across the globe, and learning a variety of new things about the game.

So, wait no further and join the gamer social media platforms of your choice today. 

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