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People search for games like Four Element Trainer in the past few years, and a crowd of adult people has been highly passionate about playing ‘Adult Only’ rated video games.

A majority of these games include strong sexual content and curse words, with a lot of pornographic scenes. Games rated as ‘AO’ are only suitable for players over 18 years of age. 

AO-rated games are strictly prohibited from publishing on platforms such as Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation by their manufacturers. Besides that, there are the best interactive story games you can play on these same platforms.

Thus, due to some strict regulations, all the developers of adult games launch their outcomes on personal computers, Steam, or unregulated marketplaces, after going through the entire rating process. 

The topmost AO-rated game that the players most love is the game of Four Elements Trainer. You can easily download Four Element Trainer game on your devices. But if you want to try something like this, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we will tell you 10 games like Four Element Trainer that would surely take your sex hormones to another level excited to learn more about such sensuous games. 

Then wait no further and discover more about them in the article below. 

List of Games like Four Element Trainer

games like four element trainerDo you like to play adult games in the 24th hour of the day? And looking for the perfect sex game online that offers some of the best erotic and kinky scenes that could create a rush of hormones in your body?

If yes, we have brought you a curated list for the year 2023, where you can find games like Four Element Trainer in the information below. 

If you want to solve fights and mysteries and discover some fuckable characters into the gameplay then you can play Four Elements Trainer walkthrough is about the most popular adventure and dating game.

However, for our brain, there are techniques for keeping our memory fresh and healthy, including playing google memory games. Google memory game is a group of online games created to improve and exercise your memory.

Scroll down further section, where you can find games like Four Element Trainer.

1. Summertime Saga

games like four elements trainerThis is a sickening dating game where the player will play the role of a school nerd surrounded by hot chicks and popular next-door girls.

He will also share a room with a sexy badass hot chick.

As the game progresses, the surface is also seen banging and doing all kinds of stuff with his school girls and teachers. Who will not like you initially but end up with the character after he spies on her while showering? 

2. Corruption of Champions

games like four elements trainerThe Corruption of Champion is one of the best sex games like Four Element Trainer.

You will surely enjoy this highly naughty and exciting game while masturbating. You can find pleasure in using this game.

The game of Corruption of Champions is filled with hot ladies and twisted fetishes who just want to get fucked up. has developed this sexy game. 

3. Monster Girl Island

games like four elements trainerIf you also enjoy virtual reality and adult games.

Then Redamz has brought a perfect match for you, an ideal mixture of porn and virtual reality.

This sex game has hentai-like 3D characters that will surely make the players horny.

4. Trials in Tainted Space

games like four elements trainerTiTS is all about erotic fantasies and nude women in Space. This is an of its kind, sensual game that is pretty alluring and unique.

In the game, you will find various distinctive creatures ready to get fucked up.

So, if you are searching for games like Four Element Trainer, then get into the world of TiTS and conquer space with some fresh pussies. 

5. Cloud Meadow Game

games like four elements trainerCloud Meadow is a simulation-based game. It is a fantasy role-playing game for all the dick owners.

This game has the power to satisfy all the erotic kinds of imagination that a guy has.

If you have a pathetic single life, this game out there will chill up your spine. This game also has simple gameplay with understandable instructions and graphics.

6. Tales of Androgyny

games like four elements trainerThe game Tales of Androgyny is precisely what you should visit. Suppose you are attracted to BOOBS the most.

Then, hey! This is fun to watch and an erotic role-playing video game that has various androgynous characters involved in it.

You can find multiple feminine characters in the game in their sexiest and nudest appearance. That would surely wake up the alpha male in you. 

7. Date Ariane Simulator

games like four element trainerThis horny dating game is insanely popular among people nowadays.

Developed by, this game is curated for those who love to play video games and masturbate.

Go ahead and read more about it if you have similar interests too. This simulation game is a date set up with the lead female character Ariane.

The game allows you to enjoy and do all kinds of badass activities that you can only envision as a nymphomaniac

8. Space Paws

games like four elements trainerTo those eager to watch erotic scenes that can make your dick hard like a rock, space paws are game for you.

Then space paws are one of the popular games, like Four Elements Trainer, that can do so.

The game concerns a dog’s journey to space, collecting shit and intergalactic bones. The adventure is erotic, with many nude, sensual, and horny alien creatures. This game is free to play on

9. Sim Bro

games like four elements trainerThis is another frolicking play that comes under the list of games like Four Element Trainer.

The game of Sim Bro is perfect for those who are into porn and nasty stuff and is quite horny too. 

This thinking-based game was made to satisfy the thirst for sex desperate. It is a simulation game where the player plays the role of a brothel manager. Your job will be to hire the workers for the brothel and keep up their stats.

10. Insexsity

games like four elements trainerInsexsity is an interactive porn game where the player will role-play a female protagonist, Kate.

Insexsity adult game is simulation-based, with many dialogues between the characters. You can interact with the female character.

It has story-based gameplay with many characters that require a lot of patience. This game may be a bit complicated initially, but it eventually fulfills all the fetish desires that perverts have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are AO-rated Games?

Ans. AO is the highest rated in the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board). The games that have such ratings indicate to be only suitable for players that are aged above 18.

Q. What Are Some of the Most Popular Games Like Four Elements Trainer?

Ans. As we all know, Four Elements Trainer is an adult game. Thus, we have mentioned below some of the most popular adult games that will satisfy your lovemaking desires.

  • Milfy City
  • Summertime Saga
  • Harem Hotel
  • Camp Pinewood 
  • Taffy Tales
  • Treasure of Nadia
  • House Party Game 
  • Hardcoded Game
  • House Party Game
  • Hunie Pop

Let’s Conclude

So, those were the names of the most popular games, like Four Element Trainer, that you would love to play. We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and the games listed here serve you with the most erotic scenes to satiate your thirst and lust. 

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