How to Escape Prison in Bitlife With All Possible Layouts

BitLife is a mobile game that’s becoming more popular with each passing day—it has many mini-games to keep players engaged for hours.

One of these games challenges players to escape from all prisons in the game. Notably, each prison map is different. Hence we write an article on How to escape prison in Bitlife.

If you are in minimum or medium prisons in BitLife, you can easily escape, but if you are locked up in maximum prison, you’ll have to put a lot of effort into escaping.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already planning your escape from prison in Bitlife 2023. Who wants to be stuck in a cell when there are many other things to do in the game?

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This article will show you how to escape prison in Bitlife. So whether you’re in a small or large jail, we’ve covered!

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife?

how to escape prison in bitlife

BitLife is no walk in the park, but there are a few tricks and tips that can help you escape prison quickly.

First, remember that guards move twice when you make a move. The weak point of this Guard is that he only walks horizontally.

So if he does the same, we will have to block him against walls, so he misses us in his radius attack zone.

Whether police officers surround you, you can quickly move to the right or left because he’ll only move horizontally first.

If there’s a wall above you afterward, he’ll be able to catch you because he only makes moves horizontally. This isn’t the only way to escape, but it’s one of the easiest ways in BitLife.

Escape Prison Maps

1. How to Escape Prison in BitLife Map Layout 4×4

Layout 4*4 is one of the most popular map layouts in BitLife. It is also one of the most challenging due to its small size and limited escape routes. However, with some planning, you can easily escape from this layout.

2. How to Escape Prison in BitLife Map Layout 5×4

There are a few things to remember when trying to escape prison in BitLife. The first is the map layout.

The prison is typically laid out in a 5×4 grid, with the outer walls being the most difficult to escape. The second is the guards.

They will be patrolling the prison, and if they see you, they will likely sound the alarm and make it more difficult to escape.

3. Escape Prison in BitLife Map Layout 5×5

To escape prison from layout 5×5, you can refer to this video below:

4. Escape Prison in BitLife Map Layout 6×6

Now more the grids, the more complex it becomes. With a 6×6 grid, the definitive way to escape can be seen in the below video:

5. BitLife Map Layout 7×4

The BitLife Map is a 7×4 grid that displays the locations of all of the game’s content. The map is divided into four quadrants, each with its unique set of content. The map is also color-coded, with each quadrant having its color.

Let’s take a look at the below video:

6. BitLife Map Layout 8×7

The BitLife map layout is 8×7. This means that there are eight columns and seven rows on the map.

The map is divided into two sections, the top section, and the bottom section. The top area is where the player’s avatar is located, and the bottom section is where the player can see all the other avatars in the game.

The player can move their avatar around the map using the arrow keys on their keyboard.

7. BitLife Map Layout 8×8

The 8×8 map layout in BitLife is one of the game’s most popular and well-known layouts.

It’s a great layout for those who want to have a lot of space to build their cities and towns, and it’s also an excellent layout for those who want to keep their cities and villages close together.

How to Get a Ribbon in Bitlife?

1. Cat lady

To become a Cat Lady, you must be a female or transgender female who has adopted over 30 cats throughout your life and less than five pets of any other species.

2. Globetrotter

Globetrotter is a white ribbon for anyone who spends tons of time globetrotting. Visit 20 different countries to earn this cute but rare emoji.

There are some ways to get the Ribbon in Bitlife. One way is to complete the requirements for the Ribbon in the app.

Another way is to purchase the Ribbon in the store. The third way is to win the Ribbon in a contest.

3. Academic

You must complete a postgraduate education and earn a Ph.D. or equivalent degree to get an Academic ribbon.

You can do this by focusing on school as much as possible by studying harder every year, then going to the library at age 12 to enhance your smarts, attending university, and studying hard.

4. Fertile

The “Fabulously Fertile” Ribbon. Spawn many offspring with your partner by adopting or having children or donating sperm to have your biological children.

If you have eight children in one lifetime (and none of the kids have any grandchildren), you will earn this achievement automatically.

5. Veteran

To get the Veteran ribbon, you must enlist in the military as an officer or enrolled member and serve for at least three years.

After that, you can get the Veteran ribbon by being promoted to a general or sergeant major.

6. High Roller

To get the Highroller ribbon, you must be lucky. First, ensure you have a high net worth and then gamble by heading to the casino or racetrack.

Gambling is not accessible in some countries, so if your character is born in one of those, they will have to emigrate.

When you gamble, always bet the highest amount possible and try to win over a million dollars.

If you lose more money after winning a million, you may not get the Ribbon. Sometimes it will get the Addict ribbon instead.

7. Deadly

A deadly ribbon is available for players who have killed many people. To get the Ribbon, you must murder at least five people in a single event.

You can achieve this by attacking someone in many ways, including martial arts techniques such as uppercuts or throat slashes.

8. Famous

To get a ribbon for being famous, you need to be good-looking. You will have to reset your life or get plastic surgery if you don’t.

You can also get the Ribbon by creating a social media account and getting at least one million followers.

Another way to get the Ribbon is to get a job as a voice-over actor or porn actor. Once you have a job as a lead actor in movies, you will become famous!

It’s recommended to keep your looks high by going to the gym and having manicures every week.

If your looks are lower than 80%, it is recommended that you go ahead and get Botox injections because this will keep your looks high.

9. Rich

To get this Ribbon, have a net worth between 2.5 million to $20 million. A good job will help you earn money, or you can steal or gamble if you do not want to work.

10. Thief

You can earn the Thief ribbon by pickpocketing (stealing items from someone’s pocket), stealing a car, and burgling houses.

To earn this Ribbon, you must steal money or items worth at least $10 each, burgle two houses, and steal two cars. If you get caught, you will get “Scandalous.”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, here are a few things to remember when trying to escape from prison in Bitlife.

Make sure you have a good plan and know which layout you are dealing with. Professional players have no trouble breaking out of jail.

If you’re new to the game, it might be a challenge that you must get past to escape successfully. You can place your funny Discord status to make your profile better.

You need to familiarize yourself with the best approach and the route to take before you begin, but be careful because the Guard will move deftly to catch you.

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