Omega Strikers Tier List: Best Characters to Use in Omega Strikers

Well, before beginning with the detailed explanation of the Omega Strikers Tier List, we would like to share with you certain details about the game of Omega Strikers.

The exciting game Omega Strikers, developed by Odyssey Interactive, was initially released in 2022.

It is a free-to-play sports-based action game that features three-on-three online multiplayer, in-game soccer matches.

The characters, also known as the Strikers, engage in the knock-out game, where the first team to score 5 goals wins.

The game allows the players to choose from a wide plethora of about 17 different characters who are equipped with different abilities and allows the players to take their full advantage in different situations.

Each has defensive and offensive abilities that make them viable enough for playing different roles and positions. This game was globally released on PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and mobile phones.

Thus, in this interestingly curated article, we will list the rankings of the in-game characters that will help you choose a character with a suitable playstyle and win the matches.

We also have listed Omega Strikers Codes on our blog post page for you to see. So, wait no further and go through the Omega Strikers Tier List to succeed in the game.

Omega Strikers Tier List

omega strikers tier listAs players, we are still in the process of getting into the grips of Omega Strikers. As this title is new, this tier list is subject to change often or as and when any new characters are being introduced in the game.

So, expect some regular updates in the Omega Strikers Tier List. Before moving further to the tier list of Omega Strikers, I would like to tell you about the three different playstyles or positions of the in-game characters that define their role during the match.

No matter which role you choose to play with the character in the game, you must be aware of the fact that certain characters work best in some specific playstyles according to the nature of their abilities.

Thus, the three basic styles of playing positions are:

  • Support- This playstyle is extremely useful and describes the versatile abilities of the players very well. This playstyle allows the characters to position themselves decently in the game. The character of Era is the perfect example of this playstyle, as she can create pressure on the enemies by blocking their way and slowing them down.
  • Forward- This playstyle represents the brawlers or attackers of the game. The characters in this playstyle need to play aggressively and break down the defense strategies of their enemies. The character’s objective in this playstyle is to score as many goals as possible and ensure that the Core is under your team’s possession. The characters of Estelle and Julliet are the best examples of the Forward characters in the game of Omega Strikers.
  • Goalkeeper- As the name suggests, this gaming playstyle is defensive and involves avoiding the goals or taking any buffs away from the enemies’ team. Kai’s character is indeed one of the best in-game goalkeepers.

Thus, that was all about the gaming playstyles of the Omega Strikers. Now, let us quickly start with the overview of the Omega Strikers Tier List.

Overall, there are 5 tiers, i.e., S, A, B, C, and F. Being the first in the list, the characters included in the S Tier List would be the best.

As you keep on descending the ranking list, you will come across some of the worst strikers at the current meta.

So, without any further ado, let us quickly dive deeper into the specifics of the Omega Strickers Tier List.

1. S-Tier

omega strikers tier listAlthough the S-Tier consists of 5 different in-game characters. That is:-

  • Juliette
  • X
  • Rasmus
  • Vyce
  • Octavia

But out of these, the two characters that are constantly being the talk of the game and are worthy enough of making the wave in the entire Omega Strikers are X and Juliette.

These two best forwards in the game act as amazing in-game goalkeepers due to their stamina and quick speeds.

The character of Rasmus acts as a great support in the game, as this character has an amazing area of effect during the game.

The characters of Octavia and Vyce remain one of the strong picks in the Omega Strikers Tier List since their arrival in the game.

2. A-Tier

omega strikers tier listAll the A-Tier Omega Strikers Tier List consists of good attacks in general. This tier list consists of characters such as;

  • Dubu
  • Asher
  • Drek’ar
  • Kai

The characters of Dubu and Drek’ar are the main heroes of this list. Dubu is the heavy-set goalkeeper whose gameplay style is forward and support.

This character has a lot of skill sets and abilities, through which he sets angles for his friends and stuns the enemy by charging a mega-hit at the Core.

On the other hand, the character of Drek’ar is extremely fun to play with, as he can make long-range plays without taking his eyes off the goal, as he is the goalkeeper.

3. B-Tier

omega strikers tier listNow, moving on to the B-Tier. This Omega Strikers Tier List consists of some amazing support characters that are only necessary to be great if the rest of their team is decent.

The B-Tier list consists of characters such as;

  • Era
  • Ai. Mi
  • Estelle

Of this, the character of Era has a lot of long-range capabilities and stuns that hit the Core and stun the opponent. She also has certain skills that grant speed bonuses to her friends.

4. C-Tier

omega strikers tier listThe characters included in the C-Tier of the Omega Strikers Tier List are:-

  • Zentaro
  • Rune
  • Atlas

We are saying that the characters included in the C-Tier list are okay, but these characters have a lot of potential, which is necessary for them to be used in the right hands.

Out of these characters, Zentaro is one of the newest ones on the list, on whom you should keep your eyes because of his teleportation techniques and abilities and quick melee dashes.

5. F-Tier

omega strikers tier listThe F-Tier characters consist of characters such as:-

  • Juno
  • Luna

These characters are those who haven’t got the chance to shine in the entire game. Juno’s character is conceptually cool, as she can put up the blobs that bounce the Core around.

She has a lot of game knowledge and ends up being the best player in the bombing team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Name the Best Character in the Omega Strickers Tier List.

Ans. As the beginner player of the game of Omega Stricker, you should choose to play with characters such as:-

  • Ai. Mi
  • Kai
  • Era
  • Juliette
  • Estelle
  • Asher
  • Atlas
  • Juno
  • Dubu
  • Rasmus

Q. Which Omega Stricker Tier List the Players Should Buy?

Ans. Well, all the 17 characters included in the game are unique in their own way. But the characters included in the S-Tier mentioned above are indeed the best. So, if you want to succeed in the game, choose the S-Tier characters and start playing the game.

Q. Which Character is the Best Defender in the Game of Omega Strickers?

Ans. The character of Dubu is indeed one of the best defenders to choose and play within the game of Omega Strickers.

Let’s Wrap Up

Thus, that was all we had to share with you regarding the Omega Strickers Tier List. As you have gained all the necessary knowledge about the characters and the tiers they include, it is time to start playing this interactive action-based sports genre game.

Also, stay tuned to our blog post site,, to gather fun information about the plethora of games on various platforms.

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