Why You Should Play Destiny 2: Secrets of the Universe

Despite the large number of games that have been and continue to be released, the majority are fundamental projects that have earned their fame over the years and continue to be popular to this day. A good example is Destiny 2.

The project from Bungie remains popular despite the high competition and the many content reworks that the developers resort to.

Play Destiny 2, the active shooter in the MMO genre with RPG elements, where you choose your hero and battle monsters and bosses.

You complete contracts, explore space, and delve into the reasons for the alien invasion, aiding the main forces to repel it.

To simplify your gameplay, you can turn to destiny 2 service Skycoach to order upgrades and glimmers – the local currency of the project, get help in completing raids, or PVP mode Trial of Osiris.

Basic Gameplay of Destiny 2

play destiny 2You will choose one of three heroes who will take part in the main storyline, each from their side.

1. Titan

play destiny 2This is a defender involved in constructing the main city, which must withstand the onslaught of alien invaders and drive them back from the territory.

When you play Destiny 2 and choose a titan, you get a full-fledged defensive hero who can attack enemies with small arms and steel fists. These can be launched into battle at any time, scattering enemies with a powerful blow to the ground.

The main tool is a shield that protects the titan and the allies behind him. Remember that you will receive full damage if enemies get around you from the flanks or rear or throw a grenade over the top.

If you play Destiny 2 and have a titan in your group, or you yourself are one, then collect monsters and hold them on yourself. Your allies destroy them with massive damage and provide you with a stable Destiny 2 boost.

The choice of subclasses will help you add elements to increase your own damage in order to make you not just a tank but a semi-attacking hero with the ability to level up independently and deal damage even while holding a protective shield.

A good example of this in the play Destiny 2 is using lightning. While you have created a protective zone, all enemies who dare to approach you in order to bypass or throw a shield will receive damage simply for entering the affected zone.

2. Warlock

play destiny 2By choosing a warlock, you will get a single hero with strong damage to many enemies at the same time.

The shooting mechanics will remain unchanged; you will be able to damage enemies with basic damage and, if necessary, use massive unique skills that allow you to deal great damage to monsters that are close to each other.

Thanks to the subclass system, you can even choose the path of strengthening for your massive attacks.

If you choose emptiness, then thanks to the intangible element, you will receive a significant increase in your already weak attacks against many opponents.

The second option as you play Destiny 2 is the Stand, a new subclass introduced in the Lightfall update. It adds a shrapnel effect to such mass attacks, covering a small area with consistent damage to everyone who gets into the affected area.

You can take a different path and choose the support path instead of attack. In this format, you create special zones in which you and all your allies will receive healing and increased base stats.

Regardless of which path you choose, both options for hero development are the most optimal hero for individual or group D2 boosting.

3. Hunter

play destiny 2The last hero, often chosen by those who play Destiny 2, is the most popular and frequently chosen character.

This multi-functional hero can fight at long ranges and deal with strong single damage, especially against bosses, providing Destiny 2 raid carries for himself and his allies.

In leveling and PVP, its effectiveness is also felt due to full damage to targets while ignoring armor and frequent impunity due to distance, camouflage, and dodging from a confrontation.

The second option is to switch to fighting with daggers, but this is more just a mechanic than a hunter’s strength because the character’s strength is long-range, which is what you need to use.

Leveling Up, Contracts, and Raids to Play Destiny 2

You will be able to level up with the help of story quests, which are essential for teaching you the basic mechanics and telling the plot story.

These quests explain the reasons for the collision with alien invaders, outline steps to repel the attack, and guide you on a counterattack to drive back opponents from their home planet.

The second point of leveling up is secondary quests. These are small tasks that will allow you to supplement the main leveling with additional experience and glimmers – the local currency of Destiny 2.

Contracts are an additional experience source formed through daily and weekly assignments tied to gameplay and basic actions.

For example, destroying specific monsters, using special weapons, and so on. You must complete the entire task before its update time because the intermediate result does not count – the contract is either completed or not.

If you wish, you can update any contract, complete it again before the reboot period, and get double experience, but you will have to spend glimmers.

Using this method, you can convert levels and exchange them for money. The mechanics of raids start with strikes.

These are small raids for completing alone, two, or three. The point is a straightforward and clear time zone in which you need to clear out local monsters and defeat the boss who dominates it.

If you manage to defeat him, you will receive random equipment and weapons, which depend on the overall level of the combat zone.

Raids are slightly different from strikes because they require a larger number of players to complete safely, but the bosses themselves will be stronger and more durable.

However, the overall rewards and experience for Destiny 2 raid carriers will be higher. The format itself is divided into three difficulty levels.

The first is normal, which is essentially educational in terms of boss mechanics. The second option will open after completing the main stage – heroic.

This format is more complex, but the drop will also improve the level of equipment and weapons that can grow.

Mythic difficulty rounds out all formats and allows players to claim the best types of equipment and weapons that are difficult, and sometimes almost impossible, to obtain in any other way.


You need to follow the path that the Destiny 2 format will offer you, involving the exploration of territories and lands.

This includes studying the main city, a pillar of human protection, built and fiercely protected by the Titans, even at the cost of their own lives.

When you help repel the onslaught of aliens, you will move on to exploring space and even end up on Neptune.

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