PS4 Error WC-34891-5: Step-by-step Guide to Fix

Sony’s Play Station 4 has changed the gaming world since its release. This parallelogram-shaped device is packed with many advanced features and cutting-edge technology.

Your PS4 might get unexpectedly stuck and show a PS4 Error WC-34891-5 code on the screen. The error codes displayed on the screen may be a summary or an arrangement of numbers & alphabets.

Thus, you should be well aware of how to fix errors of different codes or errors entails showing to you on the screen while playing PS4.

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So, here in this GamePike article, we will share some standard solutions to eliminate PS4 error codes.

And will also share the solution to eliminate the most common PS4 Error WC-34891-5.

So without wasting any further minutes, let’s get into the details of this article.

Some Standard Solutions to Solve All Your PS4 Errors

ps4 error wc-34891-5

The error codes we see in all the models of PS4 are almost the same, which may be caused due to issues with the PlayStation game or the PS4 account.

A problem regarding the internet or a console problem: while every error code has some specific solution to solve the same, mentioned below are some practical techniques that can solve most problems.

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Let’s switch to the list below to know the same.

  • Check the status of your gadget’s power supply.
    Press and hold the console’s power button for a few seconds until it beeps and shuts down. After that, inspect all the cables and connections. If you find any visible exterior damage, resolve the same to avoid errors. Also, disconnect the power cable to ensure every part is in good working condition.
  • Update the firmware
    If you have an old smart TV, then the non-updation of firmware, or its absolute version, might be the reason for the PS4 errors. The old firmware might disrupt video, audio, and internet connectivity.
  • Double Check all the HDMI ports.
    To get rid of the PS4 errors playing on the screen, you need to double-check the connectivity of your console’s HDMI ports and cables with your TV. These types of hardware issues can occur often. Thus it is essential to go through the same before running any test on the software.
  • Performing factory reset on the computer.
    If the above solutions do not work well, you can try resetting your console’s factory settings. Do not panic! We know it is a bold and robust step, but we suggest you build a backup copy of your hard drive before wiping everything off. Once you are done with the same, you can quickly restore it afterward.

The Reason Which Can Cause PS4 Error WC-34891-5

When the files in your system get damaged, PS4 Error WC-34891-5 occurs. Listed below are some of the primary reasons that might be responsible for the same:-

  1. Corrupted entry of data files may become a reason for the health of your PC, due to which error might occur on your PS4.
  2. Check incorrect deletion of hardware or applications.
  3. Must check incomplete installation or uninstallation of any file.
  4. It happens when the computer is recovering from a spyware or adware attack.
  5. There is a problem processing the credit card details on the PlayStation network.

Easy Ways of Fixing the PS4 Error WC-34891-5

Mentioned below are two ways by which you can fix the PS4 Error WC-34891-5, to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

The first solution given below is an advanced computer solution, which might greatly help you if your computer device files get corrupted, which might threaten the system’s effective running.

And the other solution mentioned below will be helpful to you if you face any issues regarding the credit card.

Solution 1

  1. If you feel your program data is partially corrupted, you must back up the data or the games on the PS Plus online or a USB storage system.
  2. Afterward, go to the home screen, highlight the application icon, click on the remote and choose the delete option.
  3. Now the next step is to reinstall the program. For this, you can either download the same by accessing the library if purchased from PS Store or, if you have the physical edition of the same, insert the disc into the PS4 device.
  4. Log in to your computer device and click on All programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore from the start menu.
  5. Click on the Next option in a new window and select the “Restore my machine to an earlier time” option. Again click Next after selecting the restore point.
  6. Once the restoration work is complete, you will restart your PS4 machine. Now open the program window to access and edit the program information by clicking on Settings > Account Management > Account Information, depending on your account and living area.

Solution 2

PS4 Error WC-34891-5 can occur if there are any issues with the credit card details or if they seem invalid. Thus, mentioned below are the steps to solve the same.

  1. Recheck the details mentioned on the screen with that of your credit or debit card. These details include; card number, cardholder name, card expiry date, CVV, and the address by whom the bill is being paid.
  2. Check that the billing address of your bank matches the one displayed on the screen. Also, make sure that the address mentioned does not include any special characters such as; hyphens(-), asterisks (*), slashes(/), or apostrophes(‘).
  3. Avoid using any prepaid credit cards and try to use ones that have the proper address mentioned of residence instead of that of a BFPO or PO Box.
  4. Also, do not mention special characters such as ‘ß’, ‘ä’, or ‘ç’ in case they are present in the name or address. Instead, try to replace the same with the nearest resembling alphabet.

Final Words

The PS4 Error WC-34891-5 can be either due to the above reasons or any other genuine logic. You can either try fixing the error using the two methods cited above or contact any expert trained to perform the same job.

The solutions mentioned above are mentioned in general terms or under the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que. What to do when the PS4 is not accepting credit or debit cards?

Ans. This problem might occur when you use a debit or a credit card registered with an address of another country different from that of the PlayStore region where you purchased your PS4.

Que. Why is the credit card number showing invalid?

Ans. The problem of an invalid card number might occur when the same has been blocked or closed by the issuing bank for some particular reason. In such a case, you should contact your bank branch to resolve the same.

Que. Can the play station block your card?

Ans. When the financial institution you are connected to cancels any payment at your request. When the chargeback or payment reversal occurs in your account and indicates any suspected fraud or takeover of your PS4 account, play station can suspend your account or the console to protect your details and investigate the matter.

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