Spider-Man PS4 – 10 Things We Know

Spider-man is probably one of the most anticipated games of 2018. Probably right up there with Red Dead Redemption 2, but unlike right there redemption 2 spider-man is only a few weeks away. So here are 10 things we know about Spider-Man PS4.

10. Spider-Man’s City

One of the most iconic and important parts of any Spider-Man story is the city of New York. Whether it be one of the many movies or comics, how the city interacts with spider-man and vice versa has always been present. Because New York is right alongside Mary Jane and Aunt May as one of the most important supporting characters.

Insomniac made sure to make New York something special in this game. Citizens will interact with Spider-man in different ways whether it be throwing him a high-five, calling out his name, or even stopping him to take a selfie. The fast travel system is also ‘super-New York’ with spider-man actually taken the subway with other New Yorkers. Insomniac-games is also making sure to include landmarks from the real New York and the Marvel New York. So you get things that Greater City Music Hall, Avengers tower, and where Doctor Strange hangs out on Bleecker Street.

This might not be as big of a deal to most of the people, but seeing that some of us are New Yorkers this is something that just hits us pretty hard.

9. Spider-man suits

It wouldn’t be a spider-man game without multiple suits to choose from and unlock them. Rumor has it, there are gonna be near about 20 suits available in the game. With more suits coming later on in DLC. Different suits will also have different stats as well, so they aren’t just cosmetic.

There are some really good suits they’re gonna be popping up. There’s the noir suit, the infinity war suit,the infinity war suit the homemade suit from the MCU, Scarlet Spider, Spider Punk, and 2099 just name a few.spider_man_ps4

There is also a brand new suit that was designed specifically for the game and it’s called the velocity suit.Velocity suit And it kind of reminds me of spider-man stealth suit that he wore during the big time arc in the comics.

Suits are actually something you have to craft in the game. We don’t have many details on how exactly that works. But suits will also be shown in cutscenes. This might not seem like a big deal, but when games don’t do this it drives us absolutely insane. So compliments to insomniac for actually thinking of something so small.

8. Spider-man Hostile Take-over

The release of Spider-man is a lot closer than you think. But if you think you can’t wait until September 7th to the release, then you’re in luck. On August 21st it was a tie-in novel released titled Spider-man hostile takeover. It takes place before the game and starts to build up the world a bit.

We learned that Mary Jane already works for the Daily Bugle. Also, that she’s have been obsessed with covering all of kingpins madness.Mary Jane at KingPin's hideout Which probably sets you up playing as Mary Jane and what seems to be stealth parts. I guess you are sneaking around a kingpin hideout or something like that.

It also touches upon spider-man and kingpins relationship, it seems they’ve had a good amount of run-ins in the past.Spider-man and Kingpin (Wilson Grant Fisk) Therefore, Fisk really doesn’t like Spidey and I’m sure we’ll hear all about it in the game. The book also references other heroes existing in the universe such as Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and the Avengers. Everything I’ve seen so far about this book actually seems really cool. And it seems like it’s definitely worth checking out.

7. Photo Mode

It seems that really good photo modes are becoming a trend with PlayStation 4. Photo modes have obviously been around for quite some time, but when a ps4 exclusive game launches, you can see Twitter feed getting flooded with amazing screenshots. It was Uncharted 4 that really kicked off the trend of big ps4 exclusives getting really good fleshed out photo modes. Horizon zero dawn and Shadow the of Colossus are other ones that just had so many beautiful screenshots come out of it.

It was mostly because of how good both games look, almost any screenshot is gonna look great. And then we just recently had God of War that also had a great photo mode. With really great screenshots coming out of that as well.

Insomniac has already come out and stated that Spider-man is going to have a photo mode. And I think they have joked about it has to be better than the God of wars photo mode.Spider-man photo mode 02 I can already imagine some of the really cool mid-web-swing screenshots we’re gonna get.Spider-man photo mode Everything we’ve seen of the game looks great, now, imagine that with a cool photo mode filter launched on top of it and you know it’s gonna look even cooler.

6. Insomniac Avoided Another Origin Story

The thing Insomniac really wanted to avoid with this game was giving us another Spiderman origin story. We all know what happens here, Peter Parker was bit by the spider when he was 15.Peter and Mary Now, when you’re playing as Peter, he’s a 23-year-old college graduate. So he’s been spider-man for eight years already, therefore, he knows what he’s doing.

We are still receiving the Spider-man and Peter Parker that we all know and love. But insomniac is going to be launching his early 20s. So not only is Peter running around and dealing with Spider-man shit, but he’s also dealing with Peter Parker stuff. Working to keep a job, pay bills, and rent, balancing friends and family while also protecting them. This isn’t anything new for spider-man.

Spider-man Friends and Family

If you’ve read the comics this is all stuff you’ve seen before. Spider-man doesn’t come off as some high-class superhero, rather, he comes off as an average superhero. That is the part of what makes Spider-man so relatable, he is struggling with being an adult.

Besides that, while we are getting an experienced spider-man, the one that knows what he is doing, and knows what he is capable of. We aren’t really getting a very experienced Peter Parker, as he struggles with the day-to-day adult life. Therefore, this isn’t totally a Spider-man story, rather, it is just as much a Peter Parker story.

5. No Microtransactions in The Game

Insomniac has come out and said that Spider-man will not feature any form of microtransactions, seeing that so many games have them nowadays. And seeing how the majority of the gaming community feels about them, it’s nice to know that they aren’t gonna exist here at all.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t gonna be DLC. So far insomniac has announced two different sets of DLC. The city that never sleeps pack, and The heist pack. The heist pack revolves around the Black-cat and a heist, but that’s all we have so far on that. We don’t know if they’re gonna take the Arkham approach and let us play as Black-cat or not.

Each DLC pack will have new story missions, new villains, and new suits. And noticing that spider-man have so many different villains and cramming a ton into the game isn’t the smartest idea. I think DLC packs is an excellent idea. Because it gives a little bit more breathing room for new villains. Especially if they’re gonna introduce new characters for somebody to fight alongside and against. Furthermore, The fact that all of these DLC packs have different suits attached to them as well is really cool. Because Spider-man has so many awesome suits and we just want to wear all of them.

4. Villains

Just like most comic book video games, Spider-man will feature a ton of different villains. There have been a few that we’ve actually been able to get a look at. And there are others that Insomniac has just stated is in the game but haven’t shown off yet.

First, we have Mr. negative who said to be the big baddie like the main villain of the game.Mr.-Negative-in-Marvels-Spider-Man-by-Insomniac-Games But I don’t know how accurate that is seeing that the game also features Wilson FiskKingpin and some members of the sinister six. I can totally see like an Arkham origins type fake-out although not as elaborate as one villain pretending to be another, but more of a simple fake out. You know you get your expected Spider-man villains making an appearance like shocker, rhino, vulture, electro, and black cat.

But then there’s also the Taskmaster who I never once thought would pop up in a game because taskmaster is just a weird character that I think doesn’t fit in anywhere besides like the Lego games. But I am a big fan of him and I’m hyped to see him making an appearance here. It’s been confirmed that he is going to pop up in a set of side quests.

Norman OsbourneNorman Osbourne has also confirmed to make an appearance, but he might not be popping up as the Green Goblin. This time he is the mayor of New York and it seems like that might just be it. Although I can totally see something happening where he ends up being the big mastermind behind everything. There is also that mystery villain who comes at the end of one of the trailers. I really hope he is Doctor Octopus and if that’s the case I’m gonna lose my mind.

3. Combat

Let’s talk about the combat. We’ve been getting pretty good looks at the combat since the game was announced. And insomniac is giving you a few different options when it comes to combat. There’s a bunch of melee moves, gadgets, and different web powers are able to chain together.

Combat revolves around combo hits and using the environment like throwing buckets or pulling down shells. You can flip, dodge, and jump because that’s important when there are guns.Combo move We can also do special finisher hits if you get your combo high enough. Pushing and pulling with your web is awesome too because you can trigger aerial combos more often. And mixing in gadgets will also come into play.

We can also take the stealthy approach and take out a few enemies, before jumping in fists swinging. Different suits also have different abilities as well. Spider Punk suit is able to activate an AOE attack,Spider-man spider punk suit where the sound waves from his guitar push the enemy back. The Ben Riley suit actually creates Holograms of spider-man that will confuse enemies.Ben Riley suit Suit mods and gadgets are actually crafted by the player via a minigame and you use the in-game currency to purchase those mods and upgrades. I think this combat looks super smooth and very Spider-Man-like.

2. Web Swing

This is a Spider-Man game, after all, so we had to talk about the web-swinging, and thankfully it’s very solid. Insomniac has spoken lots about it since the questions everyone has been asking. And they’ve actually clearly put the work in. It does feel awesome, but it’s not quite the complete physics-based simulation, what the classic spider-man 2 game had. But it’s really damn close, your webs need to have buildings nearby to attach or else you can’t swing.

It’s completely momentum based, meaning letting go at the bottom of a swing propels you forward faster. We can also do aerial tricks, this might sound like something meaningless, but I really enjoy it. The more I feel like Spider-man the better, what also helps is the web zip ability that’s similar to previous games, where you can just zip a web on an object and pull yourself forward. But now it’s a bit more contextual and going through certain things is often different and will speed you up.

We think it as, the local motion from insomniacs other game (sunset overdrive), but imagine a layer of Spider-man swinging you want to be a lump on top of that game system. Also, you will have upgradeable abilities that will tie into swinging abilities, like apparently charged jumps as well.

1. Release Date and DLC

Spider-man launches on ps4 on September 7th-2018. It is launching with three different editions, the standard edition, the digital deluxe edition, that comes with the city that never sleeps DLC. It has additional story chapters that will feature new characters and costumes that will release sometime before March 2019.Deluxe edition

Besides that, there’s the collector’s edition which comes with the art book and the statue that we haven’t seen yet. Therefore, no one knows what it looks like. And that DLC that I just mentioned, it also comes with the collector’s edition.spider-man_collectors_edition Pre-ordering the game anywhere will get you access to the spider Punk suit, infinity war iron spider suit, and the brand new velocity suit. But don’t worry if you don’t pre-order you’ll still be able to unlock those suits in the game.

There is also the Spider-Man limited edition ps4 a pro bundle. The big and red which has the white spider-man symbol on the front and comes with a red controller. We can totally see someone not being into it because it’s kind of ugly.

Well, those are 10 things we know about Spider-man 2018.

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