Steam Summer Game Festival Delayed

Steam Game Festival, originally scheduled to start June 9, has been delayed by one week. The “Summer Edition” of the Steam event will now run June 16-22, Valve said during a news release.

Valve has not explained why SSGF has been delayed, which now wraps abreast of June 22. Several other events that were planned for in the week , including the primary check out PlayStation 5 games, are postponed following the unlawful death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Many of the businesses behind these events made the choice in support of Black Lives Matter and various other organizations fighting to finish racism in America.

The Steam Summer Game Festival will boast games being released within subsequent year, with demos or playable shorts designed to assist Steam users discover new titles. Additionally, the event will feature talks from developers and more.

A swath of game developers and distributors, from EA and Devolver Digital to Humble Bundle and, have begun making donations to BLM and other causes. GameSpot’s own Play For All event is additionally joining in by raising money for COVID-19 relief efforts and Black Lives Matter.

In other Steam news, the digital distributor’s annual Summer Sale will reportedly run from June 25 to July 9. Valve has not officially commented on the alleged dates yet.

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