How to Have Twins in Bitlife? 3 Proven Methods

Dreaming of doubling the fun in Bitlife? Having twins in Bitlife adds an exciting twist to your digital life. You’re in the right place!

BitLife is an entertaining game where the players have lots of activities to prefer and take part in. This is one of the most diverse life simulation games, where the players live a hundred unique lives.

It is a type of real-life simulation game, where the players involve their characters in the process of growing up, finishing school, graduating, finding a perfect job, and then starting a family.

While being in the game, finding the right job won’t be so difficult for you, but finding the right partner and having children is a process.

For making children, the presence of the partner and the gender is not necessary. Also, the number of children you want in the game depends on your longevity and desire.

So, if you are a BitLife player and want your in-game character to have twins in BitLife. Then, you have just dropped yourself at the exact right place, as here through this guide, we will help you discover how to have twins in BitLife.

3 Effective Ways to Have Twins in Bitlife

twins in bitlifeUnfortunately, in real life and also in BitLife’s life simulator game, there are no guaranteed ways of having Twin children.

But there are certain methods that we would like to discuss with you through which you can try having twins in BitLife.

Let’s start knowing about the same.

1. Having Children With Your Partner Naturally

Out of the three listed options, the chances of having Twins in BitLife are the lowest in this option. It is usually expected that the in-game characters will have only one child, irrespective of their gender.

However, it is not impossible. If you are lucky enough, you will get Twins in BitLife on your first attempt. However, this is one of the cheapest ways to get twin children in the game.

2. Through Artificial Insemination

Another alternative in-game method to get Twins in BitLife is trying through Artificial Insemination. If you want to pursue this option, then your partner must necessarily be a woman below the age of 50.

Gender and relationship status are the most common factors in this procedure. If you are playing as a male member, then you can try donating your sperm to some other player. But that’s a completely different approach.

Overall, this Artificial Insemination procedure to get twins in BitLife is a bit expensive, and if your gaming character is not so rich, they would not be able to perform this more than once or twice during their entire in-game life.

Also, there is no guarantee of having success in getting twins through this option. However, there is a small trick in the game, which the players can follow, to make the multi child-birth a certainty for them.

This trick would specifically only come at the point where the players are notified about the results of Artificial Insemination.

If the notification does not indicate Twins in BitLife, then the players should not accept the notification request and close it down.

They should also completely close the BitLife app and reopen it to receive new in-game results. Players can also repeat this process until they get the type of pregnancy they want.

3. Through In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The last remaining option for getting twins in BitLife is In-vitro fertilization (IVF). Not only is this an extremely expensive method of having children, but also, for this method, you should have a great romantic & emotional relationship with your partner.

Because sometimes, you might want children, but your partner refuses to go through such a complex process of IVF. You have to bring them down on the same page, but make sure that in IVF, many other things are taken care of.

Through this process, the couples would be able to pursue Twins in BitLife without any intervention, irrespective of gender. The process of IVF is more reliable, and attaining the results therein is much more likely to be true.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why the Character in Bitlife is Not Having Twins?

Ans. If you are playing the game, as a female character, you have to monitor your age for performing any of the above fertility methods. Since you are restricted from performing the procedure once a year, starting with the same sooner increases your chance of getting success in the game. Keeping this limit restriction in mind would allow you to focus on your progress sooner in the game. Choose any of the three methods and get Twins in BitLife.

Let’s Conclude

That was everything that we wanted to share with you regarding how to get Twins in BitLife. You can follow any of the three above-mentioned ways to get Twins in BitLife. If your character is still a young and healthy adult, you should definitely try any of the processes, and then the rest comes down to luck.

However, once you see the child message flashing, and if by chance you do not get the number of children of your choice, you can either close the pop-up and restart the BitLife app again until the notification pops up to be of twins or triplets.

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