YBA Tier List – Best Stands for Your Bizarre Adventure

Your Bizzare Adventure (YBA) is one of the most popular adventure games in the world of Roblox.

The manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and anime are the basis for this fantastic game. Inspired by this series, the YBA also has various Stands.

There are many choices for the players to choose from, but only some of the stands are equally powerful enough to defeat the enemy.

Well, well! Worry not; we have got you covered.

Here in this article, we will be updating you about the YBA Tier List, mentioning the stands that have the potential to let you win the game by fighting destructive enemies.

Thus, keep scrolling further to the best YBA stand of your dreams in this fascinating Roblox quest.

Latest YBA Tier List for Running Year

yba tier listYBA is an immensely popular Roblox game that is all about conquering the in-game battles with the help of Stands.

This game has a massive bunch of Stands, each with its unique set of abilities. If you have the best YBA team or characters in your stand, then we are sure that you can easily combat the toughest enemies who come on your way.

However, choosing the best Stands is only one of the most challenging and tricky tasks to perform in this game, as you can choose from many options.

However, Roblox’s voice function is a fantastic addition to the game that improves the players’ experience, especially with the option to apply music codes.

Also, if you are not satisfied with the stand, you got, you can reroll it in the game by using Stand Arrows. Now, quickly let’s get into the YBA Tier List.

There are five Stands in the tier list, which have been explained as follows:-

  • S Tier- This is the best stand in the game that takes you to the current metagame.
  • A Tier- This is one of the most remarkable Stands that helps you go through whatever situation you face.
  • B Tier- This is a good stand that can balance your team well even if you don’t have any good players.
  • C Tier- It is not such a bad Stand, but you should replace them as soon as possible.
  • D Tier- You should altogether avoid playing YBA with this stand. It would help if you only played with it in emergency cases or when you do not have any specific character to fill in the role.

Keep scrolling to read the updated YBA Tier List for the running year.

  • S Tier- Six Pistols, The World Over Heaven, Made in Heaven, Gold Experience: Requiem, Scary Monsters, Magician’s Red, The World: Alternate Universe, Killer Queen Bites the Dust, Dirty Deeds Done Cheap Love Train, Tusk Act 4, Soft & Wet, D4C Love Train, Star Platinum, The World, Chariot Requiem, King Crimson Requiem.
  • A Tier- C-Moon, Crazy Diamond, Hierophant Green, Silver Chariot, Tuck Act 3, Six Pistols, Anubis, The World, King Crimson, Star Platinum, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Stone Free, Aerosmith.
  • B Tier- Dirty Deeds Done Cheap, Crazy Diamond, Sticky Fingers, Whitesnake, Gold Experience, The Hand, Beach Boy, Tusk Act 4, Cream, Killer Queen Bites Dust.
  • C Tier- Scary Monsters, Tusk Act 1, Silver Chariot, Cream, Purple Haze, Mr. President, Magician’s Red, Hierophant Green, White Album, Tusk Act 2, The Hand, Hermit Purple.
  • D Tier- Beach Boy, Hermit Purple, Anubis, Mr. President, Tusk Act 1.

These stands offer an insane amount of game power to the players in YBA, the popular Roblox game.

So, these were a few top-quality stands that helped you to shine in the competition against your enemies.

Also, some new stands keep appearing occasionally, so check their potential before adding them to the tier list.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the YBA Stand?

Ans. If you are new to this game and want to know which characters to focus on. Well, the two major characters of the YBA Tier List with the most powerful base and who can punch the most in battles are; World Over Heaven, with a bragging skill rank of 75, and Killer Queen Bites, with a skill rank of 74.

Q. Which One is the Rarest and the Toughest YBA Stand?

Ans. Whitesnake is considered one of the most challenging and rarest YBA Stand to unlock.

This stand has just a 1% chance of coming through the stand arrows. Followed by The World and Star platinum which has a 1.5% chance. These might necessarily be the best, but they are the hardest to get your hands on them.

Q. How Can You Get More YBA Stands?

Ans. You can get more YBA Stands using the Stand Arrows present in the game. This item in Your Bizzare Adventure helps you to spin to get a new stand.

You can easily find this item in the arena area of your gameplay or also purchase it from the Arcade. These Arrows are available at varying levels of worthiness.

And the Arrows with a low level of worthiness are not guaranteed to drop a new stand on rerolling. Thus, getting the best Stand Arrows is a necessity of the gameplay. You cannot predict what these Arrows will provide you; it is all about luck.

Q. Can You Reroll in YBA?

Ans. If you are not happy with the set of YBA stands you got in the beginning, you can reroll the same and start from the beginning. But this benefit will only be available when you purchase a YBA Game Pass by spending Robux.

This pass gives you the benefit and opportunity to get another set of characters in the S Tier using the Stand Arrows. By this, you can make a random spin and get the character of your choice.

Let’s Summarize

Well, dear readers! As you must have seen in the above article, there are too many YBA strands to choose from. You can easily navigate through all the characters in the game and choose what suits your requirement the best.

The YBA Tier List mentioned above is arranged according to the cumulative skill points present per character, which means the portion of their power in their base in the non-upgraded form.

Of course, in the future, when developers will introduce more upgraded characters in the game, their skill points will automatically increase.

We advise you to bookmark this page and return later because we will update the list whenever new stands are released.

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