Best Ideas for Twitch Emotes Every Streamer Must Know

On the social media platform of Twitch, The Twitch Emotes, or Twitch Emoticons, are emoji-like images created by the Twitch users themselves to use in the Twitch chats and live streams.

The Twitch streamer creates emotes, from the images and from the facial expressions, to display emotions and inside jokes, that can’t be said in words.

The streamer’s audience can also use emotes, to show their support for some specific Twitch streamers.

These Emotes can build up an active Twitch community in which the audience and the streamers communicate easily, quickly, and harmoniously.

And if you are interested in making your own personalized Twitch Emotes, then what would be better than that? Although these Twitch Emotes are designed for fun, they can also prove to be quite controversial at times.

Hence, in this particular descriptive article, we would like to narrate the best ideas for Twitch Emotes to you and list some of the best Twitch Emotes available.

So, without waiting a minute any further, let’s get started with the details of this article. 

Best Ideas of Twitch Emotes

best ideas for twitch emotesTwitch emotes are a subtle form of advertising on the platform. If the viewers on your channel, like any particular Twitch Emote, would surely spam the same way to the other Twitch channels as well.

Hence, you should look at the different ideas of Twitch Emotes that you can use, whether you are a reader or a viewer. 

  • The Personality of the Streamer and Inside Jokes: For any Twitch channel, Emotes related to the personality and inside jokes are really important. This might be a viable way of showing people what you, as a streamer, are all about and what your Twitch channel is going through. For example, if you rage a lot during streams, you can include Twitch Emote of xQcRage, or if you have a Twitch channel that belongs to content related to singing, then you can include content related to singing and stuff then in such a case; you can use emote of lady sing.
  • Pets: If you have a pet who is the star of your Twitch streams, then the Twitch Emotes of pets are something that you should use. Anytime, during your stream, if the pet’s emotes show up, it would be easy for you to spam the chat section with either the face of your pet or a cutout of the entire pet. For example, you can see the emote list of streamer Brotatoe, which is filled with cat emotes, and KawaiiiGrin has mascots of his service dog.
  • Adapting Existing Popular Emotes: Copying existing emotes is expected on Twitch. The platform has a wide culture of sharing site-wide jokes and Twitch Emotes. For example, streamers such as Ninja and Sykkuno have combined and formed their library of popular emotes such as PogChamp, MonkaS, and OMEGALUL.
  • Game Themed: Whether you are a variety streamer who loves experimenting with new games or someone who only focuses on a particular game, who would surely have certain favourite Twitch Emotes to use at different times in a game. It could represent the entire mod of your channel, or it could be different flavours of the month, or it could be anything overall. So, in such a case, having a library of game-specific Twitch Emotes.
  • Adapting Existing Popular Emotes: You can never go wrong with choosing some of the staple Twitch Emotes. Some examples are Hype, GG, Love, RIP, REKT, etc. All of these represent some kind of event that would pop up naturally within any gaming channel.
  • Pixel: If you want to incorporate some retro look in the Twitch Emotes, then you could go for some pixel art emojis. This would, hence, prove to be a great way to tell your audience that you enjoy retro types of gaming.
  • Cartoony: You might say that anime and cartoon-style Twitch EMotes would look the same, but everyone has their own opinion, so we would not like to get into that conversation as of now. But, what we think is that cartoon-style emotes have their own thing. Some streamers like Hvntxr and Sweatcicle have created cartoony-style Twitch Emotes.
  • Chibi/Anime: As we know, anime has a considerable effect on social media nowadays, and the same goes for the Twitch platform. So, keeping this in mind, you can create customized Twitch Emotes in the cute chibi style or something that refers to your favourite anime. For example, streamers such as ShannonJaws and Tyler 1 have created an animatic vibe through their Twitch Emotes.
  • Retro: Having some retro-style Twitch Emotes in the library would be a great hit. This could be taken from your favourite game or a reference from anything that has a nostalgic itch to it. For example, the streamer The Mexican Runner has some retro emotes.
  • Realism: This category of Twitch Emotes is really popular. Whereas, the streamers use the actual picture cut out of themselves as emotes. Well, it also makes sense, as when the Twitch channel is about you, then the Twitch Emotes should also be about you.
  • Caricature: Streamers love making their caricature and turning them into Twitch Emotes. For example; the 4-head or the 5-head emote of the streamers where the contor themselves is extremely popular. In this category, there is a lot of scope for creativity.
  • Bold: Sometimes, using a couple of words, such as Twitch Emotes, proves to be the best way to explain what mood you have in the game. These are kind of bold phrases, or bold text emotes. For example, Notice Me, Bruh, and many more.

List of Some of the Best Twitch Subscriber Emotes

best ideas for twitch emotesBefore we discuss the top Twitch Emotes, we would like to mention that all of them are now official.

The Twitch platform periodically keeps on adding new emojis to compete with the most used Twitch Emotes.

Users on Twitch can download a third-party website, BTTV or, through browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, and other browsers.

Once you install these, you will have a full chance to access some other Twitch features, Twitch Emotes, and more.

So let’s now tell you some of the most popular Twitch Emotes available on both BTTV and one by one. 

Twitch Emotes Available on BTTV

  • Kappa
  • LUL
  • TriHard
  • PogChamp
  • MonkaS
  • VoHiYo
  • KEKW
  • PepeLaugh
  • 4Head
  • CmonBruh
  • Booba
  • <3
  • haHaa
  • SourPLS
  • MonkaW
  • CatJAM
  • PauseChamp
  • 4Weird
  • Sadge
  • gachiGASM
  • Pepehands
  • Jebaited
  • MingLee
  • WeirdChamp
  • MonkaGIGA
  • GayPride
  • PJSalt
  • MonkaH
  • BlessRNG
  • NotLikeThis
  • Feelsstrongman
  • ForsenCD
  • 5Head
  • BibleThump
  • Pog
  • SMOrc
  • MrDestructoid
  • MonkaHmm
  • FailFish
  • HeyGuys
  • SquadW
  • gachiBASS
  • PRChase
  • CurseLit
  • FeelsBadMan
  • FeelsGoodMan
  • Kreygasm
  • SwiftRage
  • Bloodtrail
  • PogU
  • TheIlluminati
  • Poggers
  • DansGame
  • duDudu
  • BabyRage
  • SabaPing
  • MorphinTime
  • ResidentSleeper
  • Seemsgood
  • monkaOMEGA
  • Wutface
  • TheThing
  • SingsMic
  • Keepo
  • SSSsss
  • BlackLivesMatter
  • BrokeBack
  • widepeepoHappy
  • CoolStoryBob
  • 3Head
  • YEP
  • Pepega
  • Kkona
  • KKomrade
  • FeelsBirthdayMan
  • DoritosChip
  • Potfriend
  • WhySoSerious

Twitch Emotes Available on

  • Genji Heal – Overwatch
  • Thermite RIP – R6S (Rainbow Six Siege)
  • Mad Ginger – Fortnite
  • Victory – Fortnite
  • Hype – R6S (Rainbow Six Siege)
  • Mercy Love – Overwatch
  • Gragas Zzz – R6S (Rainbow Six Siege)
  • dvaGG – Overwatch
  • Sylvanasgrumpy – World of Warcraft
  • Bunny Sad – Fortnite
  • Hack – PUBG
  • Thrallpalm – World of Warcraft
  • MiraSmirk – Apex Legends
  • Ela Hi R6S (Rainbow Six Siege)
  • Cool Skull – Fortnite
  • Lifeline NOOO – Apex Legends
  • Maestro LOL – R6S (Rainbow Six Siege)
  • Laughing
  • Peely-OMG – Fortnite
  • Commando What – Fortnite
  • Raven Happy – Fortnite
  • Bye!
  • Rein Rage – Overwatch
  • Cat Sad
  • Chicken Peace Blue – Realm Royale
  • Lootchest – Fortnite
  • Chicken Cry Blue – Realm Royale
  • McCree Wink – Overwatch
  • Gamer Rage
  • Angry Kab Girl
  • Boom
  • FeelsBadMan
  • WutFace
  • haHAA
  • NotLikeThis
  •  LUL

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Are Twitch Emotes?

Ans. Many of the Twitch Emotes are based either on Twitch Staff or the Twitch Streamers. Some of these examples for Twitch Staff include PR Chase, HeyGuys, and Kappa. Whereas the examples for Twitch Streamers include, PogChamp, MingLee, and KKona.

Q. What is a Twitch Lingo?

Ans. The word Twitch Lingo is used for the emotes and the language that surrounds the Twitch culture. These are just some words, that were born from the platform of Twitch itself and is continued to be understood and used casually daily.

Q. How Would You Use Twitch Emotes?

Ans. You would eventually learn how to use the Twitch Emotes by spending time on the Twitch platform and learning about its conceptuality. You can also look for the meaning of these Twitch Emotes so that you can learn about it contextually.

Let’s Conclude

Twitch Emotes are one of the most fun and engaging ways to communicate with streamers and viewers. These in-game items can turn any average conversation into more exciting and emotive emotions. If you haven’t yet started to use it, start collecting it today and use it in the conversation either with your audience or with other streamers.

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