What Are the Little Brown Things in Mario

Have you ever wondered about the little brown things you encounter in the Mario games? These iconic characters are as much a part of Mario’s world as the famous plumber himself.

In this article, we delve into the identity and background of these brown things in Mario. Well, the exciting platform game of Super Mario is everyone’s favorite game.

We truly believe that no living individual being exists to date who is interested in games and has not played the most popular game of Super Mario.

Games like these have been published on all the possible gaming platforms from 1985 to 2023. Well, for the unversed, the game of Super Mario has been set in a fictional mushroom world, where the character of Mario is the chief player.

At some point in the game, Mario’s character is also joined by his brother Luigi and the other members of the Mario family. In platform games, the player is the main character who is seen running around and jumping throughout the entire game.

The game has a simple plot and gameplay, where the main protagonists, Mario and Luigi, rescue the kidnapped princess Peach from the antagonist of the game. The game of the series, Super Mario, includes a multitude of items and power-ups, such as size-changing and fireball-throwing. 

Apart from the main antagonist character of the game, the players would also come across several other characters that would become a hindrance in their path and prevent them from reaching their final destination.

Out of them are the strange brown things in Mario, which usually come in the way of players. Here, in this fun-filled informative article, we will be helping you know what those little brown things in Mario are called.

So, without wasting a minute any further, let’s get started. 

What Are the Brown Things in Mario Called?

brown things in mario

Since the birth of the games in the Super Mario series, there have been some fictional mushroom-like brown things in Mario. They are kind of obstacles in the game, which comes in the path of Mario, 

Well, these fictional mushroom-like-looking brown things in Mario are known as; Goomba, and in Japan, the same is known as Kuribo. These fictional mushroom-like pieces are found in almost every Mario game.

Since their first appearance in the game, they have become the most iconic enemies of the Super Mario franchise. They are usually the first in-game enemies whom the players meet.

Their resemblance is of the brown things in Mario, looking like mushrooms, with two tiny feet and no visible arms or legs.

They also have bushy black eyebrows and a pair of sharp fangs emerging from the lower jaw, although he never displays them in the game.

But overall, it seems like the creators have taken the inspiration to make Goombas from a real-world type of mushroom, i.e., Shiitake.

These brown things in Mario are physically quite weak and would not pose much threat to either Mario or his brother Luigi.

A single stomp over them is enough for the players to defeat these brown things in Mario. Although these Goombas, have variants of them that emerge in a comparatively stronger way than the regular Gomabs. 

Two of the extremely popular Goomba variants are; Paragoombas and Microgoombas. The character of Paragoombas can be distinguished by their winged appearance, which makes them look a little more mobile and versatile than the typical Goombas.

The Microgoombas are parasitic and miniature Goombas, which latch themselves onto the character of Mario, thus reducing his jumping abilities. 

Thus, that was all the detailed information we had about Mario’s brown things. Now, let’s wrap up this article with some of the frequently asked questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What Are the Brown Things in Mario Called?

Ans. The brown things in Mario are known as the Goombas, and in the Japanese language, the same are called Kuriboh.

These characters first appeared in Super Mario’s game and acted as hindrances to Mario’s path while reaching their goal. Its appearance resembles the brown mushroom-like structures, with two dark feet, no visible arms or legs, and thick bushy eyebrows. 

Q. How Do You Defeat the Brown Things in Mario?

Ans. Defeating the brown things in Mario or the Goombas, is extremely easy. Just stomping over them would kill them and remove this obstacle from your path. 

Let’s Conclude

That was all about the Goombas or the brown things in Mario. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this interesting article.

Now, relish playing the super interesting game of Super Mario and keep reading more interesting posts on our blog page of Game Pike.com

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