Gran Turismo 8 Release Date, Platforms: Will It Come to PS4 and PS5

The racing gaming series of Gran Turismo, launched by Polyphony Digital, is one of the longest-running racing simulation games in the gaming world.

This game was initially launched in 1997, and to date, 10 different versions of the game have been launched till now. With time, this list will probably continue to grow. 

On 4 March 2022, the developers launched the eighth title of the Gran Turismo gaming series, i.e., Gran Turismo 8. This game is available to play on PlayStation.

Initially, the game was announced to be launched in 2021, but due to the pandemic, things got delayed, and it finally came to the platform in 2022.

At the same time, some people are still enjoying the features, gameplay, and perks of Gran Turismo 7.

Some of the die heart-fanatics of the game have already started to wonder about the launching of Gran Turismo 8 Release Date, the next in-the-line game of the series.

Let’s start with this comprehensive article to learn more about the same. 

Gran Turismo 8 Release Date

gran turismo 8Just a year back, the Tokyo-based company Polyphony Digital released the eighth title of the game, i.e., Gran Turismo 7.

Currently, the production team of this gaming series is focused on promoting and marketing the newly launched series of Gran Turismo 7.

But, they have also announced that the updates for the latest launched game will only be coming for a while, as the developers would then invest themselves in the development and launching of the new series.

Thus, the Gran Turismo 8 release date will be announced in the coming years, probably in 2026. We have confidently told you the same due to the pattern followed by Polyphony Digital in releasing their games.

Well, going a little back, in 2013, the developers launched Gran Turismo 6, and after nine years of the same, they launched Gran Turismo 7 in 2022.

Yes, if taken into consideration, in between nine years, the developers also launched a game with the title of ‘Gran Turismo Sport.’

This game was more like the spin-off to the original first-ever launched game of the series. Thus, the difference between Gran Turismo Sport and the main streamlined game of Gran Turismo 7 is 5 years.

Previous to this, the developers have also kept an average gap of 4-5 years between launching two consecutive gaming series. 

Due to this data, we can now quickly determine that the Gran Turismo 8 Release Date would exist in 2026 or 2027 at the earliest.

This speculation has only been made, seeing the record of the developers, as no official announcement regarding the same has yet to be made. 

Platforms on Which Gran Turismo 8 Will Be Released

gran turismo 8The recently launched version of this game, i.e., Gran Turismo 7, became very popular among the players and has reached far and wide.

In November 2022 itself, with just 8 months of launching, the developers were able to sell about 90 million copies of the game.

Thus, due to the ultimate success of the 7 version of the game, the fanatics are now eagerly waiting for the Gran Turismo 8 release date to be out soon. 

The previously launched series Gran Turismo 7 was released on both PS4 and PS5 for the players to play and enjoy.

Moreover, all the other once-established series were also released on the PlayStation gaming platform.

Thus, we are 100% sure that the game of Gran Turismo 8 will be made available on gaming consoles of PS4 and PS5.

But, if the time duration between the launching of series 7 & 8 is delayed, then the Gran Turismo 8 would launch on PS5 consoles only.

Along with this, we are also damn sure that the game would not release on the platforms such as; Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Expected Release Date of Gran Turismo 8?

Ans. The Gran Turismo 8 release date will likely be in 2026 or 2027. 

Q. What Cars Can Players Expect in the Game of Gran Turismo 8?

Ans. The previous version of this game had different and powerful cars, such as the Nissan NSX, Dodge SRT tomahawk, Mitsubishi GTO twin turbo, Power Livery, Alfa Romeo 4C launch edition, Zagato Vision Gran Turismo, Daihatsu Copen, M6 GT3, Subaru, Audi R18 TDI, Quattro s1 pikes peak, and many more.

Thus, in the new game series, i.e., Gran Turismo 8, it is expected that apart from all these cars, there will be certain additions of new ones too. The players would only be able to know about this when the new season of this game would be launched. 

Q. Will Gran Turismo 8 Be Launched on PC?

Ans. There is an extremely low possibility that the gaming series of Gran Turismo will be launched on PC.

The reason behind this is quite simple: this game is exclusively made for Play Station. Also, the developers have yet to release this game on any platform other than Play Station.

Q. Is It Possible to Play Gran Turismo 8 on Xbox?

Ans. Well, from our end, the answer to this question is a big no till now. There has been no announcement for this until now, but developers are expected to address this issue when the Gran Turismo 8 release date is announced. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Big-budget games like Gran Turismo take a lot of considerable time. A minimum of two years for this will be accepted and can be stretched more.

The games belonging to the Gran Turismo genre are usually more extensive in scope, with big expectations of the players. The developing series of Gran Turismo 8 will be available on Play Station. 

The time taken in the development by Polyphony Digital between Gran Turismo 6 & 7 was nine years. But, when you consider the launching of Gran Turismo Sport in the middle of that period, the time between the Sport and 7 counts to be 5 years.

Now, if you are waiting for the Gran Turismo 8 Release Date, it has yet to be announced, and in the coming two years, there is no expectation for the same to happen. However, the anticipated year could be either 2026 or 2027.

So, in the meantime, we recommend you play Gran Turismo 7 and enjoy all the gameplay features this game offers. 

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