How to Get the Axe in COD Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the best and most intriguing mobile games in recent times that keeps its players addicted or glued to their mobile screens.

It is indeed one of the most exciting games that keep the player crazy, like Warzone player, with its constant updates and addition of new content.

With various weapons available, players always look for something new to add to their arsenal. One such weapon that has gained immense popularity is the axe, and most gamers ask how to get the axe in COD Mobile.

This weapon is one of the most powerful items to approach the enemy and strike harder to defeat them.

Thus, if you are also looking for some viable ways for how to get the axe in COD Mobile, then here in this detailed article, we will help you solve this mystery.

This shooter game is loved a lot by the players for its excellent gameplay, weapons, rewards, characters, skins, and many other items that this amazing game has to offer to its players.

After completing every battle, the game will give you rewards through crates. We will inform you how to get an axe and help you discover some interesting information.

So, gamers, open your minds and follow us through this interesting article about axe in Call of Duty.

Ways of How to Get the Axe in COD Mobile

how to get the axe in cod mobileThe axe is a throwable projectile weapon that has the power to dismantle the enemy lines and cause chaos in the opponent’s team.

In COD mobile, the axe is one of the deadliest melee weapons that can instantly kill enemies.

There are a variety of axes present in the game of COD on which the players can try their hands on.

The axes also have camos and skins, making the equipped axe more deadly. Below are a couple of ways you will know how to get the axe in COD mobile.

1. By Unlocking Crates and Bundles

The axe is among the most prestigious weapons a COD player equips. Various new weapons, such as axe and other in-game blueprints, can be acquired by unlocking the crates and bundles the player will purchase at frequent intervals.

It is one of the simplest ways to fetch the axe weapon, but the catch here is that only some crates have an axe.

Buying a crate takes real money. Unlocking the same and getting no axe can be disheartening for the players.

Thus, the players can also climb the rank ladder and grind the rank to earn COD points. You can further use these points to unlock the in-game crates.

Try to look in for the purple crate, as the axe usually lies in them. Apart from this, in each season of the game, COD organizes an in-game event.

The players who still don’t have the axe weapon in their loadout can complete those seasonal challenges in about 15 minutes approximately to unlock the axe.

By far, if you have understood how to get the axe in COD mobile through this method. Then, keep scrolling below to learn another way that would help you in the same.

2. Unlocking as a Level Reward

The other way to equip an axe in COD is after reaching level 49. You can simply get the axe from your load out.

This melee weapon is an important part of the game as it can also be used as a projectile. After throwing it toward the enemy, you can retrieve the axe weapon in one shot.

What Are the Variants and Skin of the Axe

After knowing how to get the axe in COD mobile, you should also be informed about the two major variants of this axe.

They are the Gold and Diamond Camo variants, which you need to grind for. To achieve the Gold Axe camo, the players must completely update and level up their axe.

You can also use the Weapons XP cards for the same. Similarly, if you want to unlock the Diamond Axe Camo, you must first unlock the Gold Axe.

And not only complete specific achievements to earn the camo but also destroy 500 rivals in any mode with the Golden Axe you acquired first.

Another skin of the axe is the Ice Axe-Overpower. It is a tough skin to unlock as the players must rank at the Pro-II stage to unlock and acquire the same. You have to try hard for hours and grind in for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can We Play Call of Duty on PC?

Ans. Well, yes. This free battle royale shooter game is free to download and play on PC with two game modes, i.e., Plunder and Battle Royale.

Q. What is the Reward of ‘axe’ in Call of Duty?

Ans. To earn the Axe in Call of Duty, you must reach level 49, and once you have it, you can throw it to kill your enemy and make a significant impact instantly. The axe stands out as one of the game’s most potent rewards.

If you are wondering how to get the axe in COD mobile, you can retrieve certain crates and bundles by unlocking certain crates and bundles.

Q. What Are Some of the Best Melee Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile?

Ans. Here is the list of all the best melee weapons you will find in Call of Duty mobile. Axe Baseball Bat Bowie Knife Butterfly Knife Combat Knife Ice Axe Kali Sticks Karambit Knife Knife Katana Machete Nunchuks Prizefighters Sickle Shovel Wrench

Let’s Summarize!

Dear readers, that was all about what we have to disclose to you about how to get the axe in COD mobile. We hope that you have understood every detail of this fatal axe weapon of COD.

The best way to use this deadly axe is to slide it near the enemy and strike so hard that the enemy does not even get a chance to strike back at you.

As an experienced COD player, the axe will be one of your best weapons. Using this is an art that helps you win all the conquest you play with it.

Also, try to equip the skins and the camos that the axe has to make it look more powerful and killer. We believe that by reading this descriptive article, you are ready to create havoc in your enemy’s territory using this axe.

Thus, don’t wait any further, as it is time to show the antagonists of COD who the real player is.

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