How to Throw Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl

The Retro Bowl is a highly pixelated game based on the American Football game. The game was originally launched in 2020 and is currently available on platforms such as Nintendo Switch and Android.

Despite being launched about four years ago, this game is still one of the top mobile games available. This mobile sports game is incredibly one of the greatest of all time due to its classic retro graphics and strategic gameplay, all oozing out in nostalgia.

This is the major reason why people gravitate to play this free-to-play retro-style football game. 

While the overall game is extremely simple to play and enjoy, there are some things that the players are confused about and struggle to do. This, thus, includes How to throw a bullet pass in Retro Bowl.

Hence, in this curated article, we will be telling you How to throw a bullet pass in Retro Bowl through some easy steps, along with certain other information that would prove to be of great use to you in the game.

Thus, let’s start with this comprehensive article without wasting a minute. 

What is Bullet Pass in the Retro Bowl Game?

how to throw bullet pass in retro bowlIn the American football game of Retro Bowl, Bullet Pass is a type of throw in the game. In this game throw, the players’ major focus is on the speed and force of the ball without any arc throw.

This game move is generally used to pass the ball to another in-game player as fast as possible. 

This in-game Bullet Pass method is beneficial when you, as the player, have to make the ball pass through a tight window. Or in the cases when the defender from the opposite team is near the other players of your team.

The players here have to move the ball’s path farther than normal to reach the receiver and not just hit them by the feet. Also, make sure that the player to whom you are passing the bowl has a good catching power to catch the ball.

Otherwise, the sheer speed of the ball would make it difficult for the fellow player to catch the ball. In such a case, the players can try to avoid the arcs and pass the ball in a straight line. 

With the tips mentioned in the article below, you can further know how to throw Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl. 

Steps of How to Throw Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl

One of the major reasons why the game Retro Bowl has gained more traction than any other mobile football game is its retro-based gaming style and incredible gaming details.

Based on the old-school display of the game, the game has extremely simple controls with limited options. However, we advise you not to let yourself fool around because of the surprising depths that the game has. 

This action of Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl will focus on speed and is also used to sling the ball directly to the receiver of the ball in tight coverage.

Read down the steps below to know how to throw Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl. 

  • For making a bullet throw, apart from the usual pull back with one finger to aim the pass action, also tap on the screen with another finger or thumb to change the dotted arc from a curve to a straight line. You usually pull back with one finger to aim the pass. 
  • As players, you are allowed to tap and go back and forth to switch between the bullet throw and the normal throw. You can do this as many times as you want until you either release the pass, get sacked, or switch to the QB run. 
  • No matter which of the two gaming passes you choose to pass the ball or throw, with every next play, your QB would start with the normal ball. 

Thus, these were all the steps of how to throw Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl.

Now, let’s wrap up this article with a few frequently asked questions about the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are Some of the Other Types of In-Game Passes in Retro Bowl?

Ans. Apart from Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl, the game also has some other in-game ball passes as well, namely, Lob Pass and Normal Touch Pass. 

Q. What Would the Throw Accuracy Do in Retro Bowl?

Ans. Throw accuracy is an in-game stat that is handed out to the quarterback to determine how consistent they are actually in throwing the football to their intended player.

When the players are evaluating the quarterback in the game of Retro Bowl, the players should have the maximum potential in “Throw Accuracy” and “Arm Strength.” 

Q. How Would the Players Choose Lob Pass in Retro Bowl?

Ans. In the game Retro Bowl, after the players have learned how to throw Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl, they have to follow the steps that they followed in Bullet Pass for Lob pass as well.

But in the step where after tapping the screen with the other finger, you had to choose the pass option and Lob Pass there.

Q. How Would the Players Do Quarter Back Sneak in Retro Bowl?

Ans. First, you have to drop the football like you normally do to pass the ball. However, for a quarterback, instead of dragging back the finger to initiate passing motion, drag the finger closer to the quarterback.

Once the dotted line appears on the screen, release the finger from the screen, and then you will find Quarterback to start running with the ball. 

Let’s Summarize

Thus, that was all about what we have to share with you regarding ‘How to throw Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl.’

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this extensive article. Retro Bowl Cheats would also help you a lot in the game.

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