QB Mode in Retro Bowl: Is It Possible to Play?

Retro Bowl, created by New Star Games in 2019, is an American-inspired football game. This fun game based on football is available on platforms like Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

The game is quite old-school, uses simple mechanics, and is inspired by the Techmo Bowl series, a football-based arcade game launched in 1989. 

This is an entertaining play game that is specially curated for football lovers. But what is all the air about QB Mode and how this QB Mode in Retro Bowl is in the interest list of every Retro Bowl player?

So, we are happy to inform you that your search ends here; as here in this descriptive GamePike article, we would like to tell you all the essential details about the game of Retro Bowl and whether the QB Mode in the game will be made available any time soon or not. 

Let’s get started!!

The Gameplay of Retro Bowl

qb mode in retro bowlThe game is influenced by American football, and thus it was the most downloaded game on Apple App Store in 2021. The players can customize their team and have the sole franchise of that team.

They have to make specific strategies for winning the game and even have the power to edit every player’s location, name, and jersey.

The game provides the players with a realistic experience of being the manager of a football team. The player can only control the team’s offense. The game itself does the defense. 

It allows the players to trade, draft players, assign free agents, and maintain morale in the team.

The game also provides the players with some paid perks; by paying a small amount of one dollar, the players get unlimited access to design the logo and uniform of the team.

Retro Bowl has a perfect blend of auto-play and control, enhancing the players’ experience of this retro-style team management football game. 

This game of Retro Bowl is relatively easy to play due to its easy-to-operate in-game controls.

For passing the bowl, the player has to drag the ball in the opposite direction of where the receiver is standing and aim to release the ball.

For performing the side-step function, swipe up and down the ball. Also, swipe the ball forward to dive and swipe back to slow up the ball’s movement.

For kicking the ball, set your power limit, aim in the direction, and tap on the screen to kick the football.

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Keep scrolling below to know if playing QB Mode in Retro Bowl is possible. 

What is QB Mode in Retro Bowl?

qb mode in retro bowlQB Mode or Quarterback Mode is not an official mode by the game’s developers, but some players have claimed to have played in QB Mode.

A quarterback or QB is an offensive unit in the American Football team that acts as an on-field coach. Since this is not an official feature of the game, you might be thinking from it came from.

According to a famous Youtuber, I’m Grego; he created this mode out of his passion for football and his love for this game.

He claims to have had a conversation with the developers of this game, New Star Games, and discussed the idea of QB Mode in Retro Bowl. 

The developers have said to have found this exciting and fun but have yet to make plans to launch QB Mode in Retro Bowl soon.

But they also said they would quickly launch QB Mode as a standalone career game that could do something huge in the upcoming years.

For more information regarding the same, watch the YouTube video posted by I’m Grego, titled ‘How to play QB Mode in Retro Bowl’. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Has Developed Retro Bowl?

Ans. New Stars Games is the developer of Retro Bowl.

Q. Can We Play Defense in Retro Bowl?

Ans. The players can only play an offensive game in Retro Bowl.

Q. Is QB Mode in Retro Bowl an Official Mode?

Ans. QB Mode in Retro Bowl is not an official mode and cannot be played.

Q. Where Can Retro Bowl Be Played Online?

Ans. Retro Bowl is available on all platforms like Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch and can also be played offline. 

Q. How Can We Move Around in Retro Bowl?

Ans. The players can move around in Retro Bowl by swiping up-down and right-left in the blue circle under the players.

Q. Which Popular YouTuber Created QB Mode in Retro Bowl?

Ans. Popular Youtuber I’m Grego created QB Mode in Retro Bowl out of his passion for football.

Let’s Wrap Up

Thus, that was all about the QB Mode in Retro Bowl. We hope you have now understood all the details about the game of Retro Bowl in general and QB Mode in particular. 

As you know, Retro Bowl is a Football game inspired by American Football. The real-life teams of the National Football League enlighten all the games’ teams.

If you are also a football fan looking for a fun game with the realistic experience of owning a football team, this game is for you.

Thus, wait no further; start playing Retro Bowl today and have an outstanding virtual football-playing experience. 

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