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Are you a gaming buff looking for Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link and Wiki? Then your search ends here.

Stand Upright Rebooted is a popular anime game on Roblox developed by iStudio Man. His inspiration for this Roblox game is the most widespread and loved anime JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, like YBA.

This anime was rated as M+, which means it was only suitable for viewers older than 13, as it has various violent scenes which might harm children below 13.

This famous anime-based Roblox game has many skills and fighting scenes somewhat similar to what the anime JJBA has.

The characters involved in the game have certain highlighted powers, evolved & non-canon stands, and certain custom stands altogether, making the game much more interesting.

The game has two important tools: Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link and Wiki for making their guides.

If you are looking for a complete guide, you should also visit the same. But, here in this comprehensively written article, we will glimpse the Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link and Wiki Page.

To provide a little hint of what information you could find on their web pages. Let’s now not waste any moment and learn some major details about the world of Stand Upright Rebooted.

What’s About the Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link and Wiki?

stand upright rebooted trello link and wikiUnder this head, we will share some details about the Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link and Wiki Page that you should be well versed in before playing the real game.

The Trello page of this game puts a fantastic initial impression on the minds of the readers by telling them facts related to the game info, all the specs & secondaries, PVP Tier List,

Item Spawn Rates, in-game controls, details related to every canon & stands, frequently asked questions, information about Hamons & Vampirism, and some other related points that can be of great help along with a coming soon section.

Also, the Wiki Fandom page has excellent information related to the game Stand Upright Rebooted, navigating, which will give you a great insight into the game as a whole.

Below we have discussed specific details regarding the game Stand Upright Rebooted that you may find in Trello Link and Wiki.

Controls of Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link and Wiki Page

The controls of Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link and Wiki Page are mentioned in the list below:-

  • M – Stand Stats Menu
  • P – Pose
  • Q – Summon Stand (it will work if you have a position)
  • RMB – (several times, likely twice) – Power Punch
  • LMB – Punch
  • Ctrl – Run
  • Alt/4 – Leap/Dash (It will only work when you already have a stand)
  • L – Menus
  • G – Block

Arrows for Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link and Wiki Page

Below listed are sure arrows that you can spawn on the map to get the stand of your choice.

  • Charged Arrows – There are only about 10% chances of this arrow being spawned every minute on the map. It also increases the chance of Dio’s TW and some rare stands.
  • Stand Arrows – Stand Arrows are being spawned every minute in the in-game map of Stand Upright Rebooted. You can buy this arrow from Willy and William or get the same from liars as a prize.

Keep scrolling below to know the chances of the Stand Arrows.

    • 10%- Silver Chariot, Aerosmith, Cream, and sticky Fingers.
    • 7.5%- Killer Queen, Hierophant Green, and Star Platinum.
    • 6%- Star Platinum: Stone Ocean
    • 5%- Purple Haze, Crazy Diamond, Stone Free, and The Hand.
    • 2.5%- Whitesnake and The World Alternative Universe
    • 2%- The World
    • 1%- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, King Crimson, and Gold Experience.
    • Below 1%- Silver Chariot OVA, Premier Macho, The World OVA, Star Platinum OVA, and Jotaro’s Star Platinum.

We have more details about sure stand arrows, which you can also find in Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link and Wiki page.

  • Fruit Rokakaka – The players need fruit Rokakaka to remove the existing secondary stand, and it spawns about every 1 minute and 20 seconds.
  • Mask Kars – You can achieve the Ulf Spec in the game by using this item. This arrow has a 1/6 spawning probability every 60 minutes. It is most helpful after level 45.
  • Rock Mask – The Rock Mask can be used to get a secondary vampire in the Stand Upright Rebooted game. The spawning time of this arrow is after every 13 minutes, with a probability of 33%. It is most helpful after level 25 of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. In the Game Stand Upright Rebooted, Which is the Rarest Stand?

Ans. Legendary Attribute is one of the rarest stands in the Stand Upright Rebooted.

Q. How to Restart the Arrow in This Game?

Ans. In the game Stand Upright Rebooted, the arrow keeps spawning around the in-game map every minute. You can also purchase the same from William and Willy or get the same reward from the liars.

Q. How Much is the Chance of Obtaining a Requiem Arrow in Stand Upright Rebooted?

Ans. Every 33 minutes of the game, there is a 25% chance of the Requiem Arrow spawning around the map.

Q. What is the Maximum Level of the Game Stand Upright Rebooted?

Ans. There is no maximum level of the game of Stand Upright Rebooted on Roblox.

Q. Why Do the Players of This Game Burn in the Sun as Vampire Users?

Ans. As a vampire user, the player might have two passives that they burn during the day and regenerate faster at night. This is why the players burn during the daytime in the game.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Thus, that was all about the details we had to share regarding the Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link and Wiki page.

By far, you must have understood the elements of this game well and the magical abilities that the vampires, Hamons, and Stands have.

So, it would help if you immediately searched for the wiki and Trello pages to learn about every minute detail that this game has to share before losing yourself in the enchanted world of Stand Upright Rebooted.

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