How to Get Free Nintendo eShop Codes

The Nintendo platform has been giving a synonymous gaming experience to players for decades. But it’s the Nintendo eShop where the real magic happens in the digital realm.

But imagine if, as players, you could access this treasure trove of games without swiping your credit card. This is where the Nintendo eShop gift card comes into play. 

Nintendo eShop launches with so many fantastic games every week. So, having quick and easy access to the Nintendo eShop is a must.

Thus, scroll down this article below to learn more about the Nintendo eShop codes through Nintendo eShop gift cards. 

What Are Nintendo eShop Codes?

nintendo eshop codesNintendo eShop Codes are free redeemable 16-digit codes that the players can get through the Nintendo eShop gift cards.

These are prepaid cards, which the players can use to add funds to their Nintendo Account. As players, you can purchase these gift cards both at the online and retail stores.

These Nintendo eShop gift cards are available in different denominations, such as $10, $20, $50, etc.

According to what we have found, Nintendo eShop Codes can be acquired through the Nintendo eShop Gift Card.

These gift cards are not just plastic; rather, they are an invitation to the world of gaming adventures that will take you through the realms of the Nintendo Gaming Universe.

Receiving a Nintendo gift card is like opening the door of a castle, whose excitement is detectable.

As you scratch off this gift card to reveal the 16-digit Nintendo eShop Codes, you will be one step ahead of enjoying the gaming extravaganza.

Also, these Nintendo eShop Gift Cards are a captivating piece of artwork that features popular Nintendo characters. Overall, these are not just shop gift cards but also collectible pieces of art. 

How Can the Players Redeem the Nintendo eShop Codes?

According to our sources, Nintendo eShop Gift Cards can be obtained from websites such as

Redeeming your Nintendo Gift Card is a very easy, breezy task. As players, you just have to click on the links above, choose the card of the amount you want to purchase, and then follow step by step on the screen given instructions to get the Nintendo eShop Codes within minutes.

Once you have earned the 16-digit Nintendo eShop Codes, follow the steps below to learn how to redeem them.

  • Open your internet browser, and visit
  • Two options would appear in front of you: Sign In and Create a Nintendo Account. 
  • Click on the Sign In option, enter your Nintendo Account credentials by putting in the e-mail address and password, and then click on the Sign In option again. 
  • After you have signed in, look at the top right corner to confirm whether you have signed in with the correct Nintendo Account or not. 
  • In the box, enter your 16-digit Nintendo eShop Codes, and then click on the ‘Next’ option.
  • Re-enter your Nintendo Account password when asked, and then click on the Redeem option to complete the process. A confirmation e-mail for this will also be sent to your registered Nintendo Account e-mail once the process is completed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can the Players Use the Nintendo eShop Gift Cards?

Ans. Nintendo eShop Gift Cards are a fast, easy, and safe alternative to credit cards while purchasing other content and games in the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch or the official Nintendo website.

The cards on the Nintendo website are available in various amounts, ranging from $15, $25, $50, $75, and $100. You can buy whichever Nintendo eSHop Gift Card you want, as per your budget. These cards also make great gifts for Nintendo fans. 

After you get a Nintendo eShop Gift Card, you simply have to scratch off the silver panel on the back of the card to get the 16-digit Nintendo eShop Codes. Redeem this to add funds to your balance or play various other exciting games available in the Nintendo eShop Gift Cards. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Well, as you read in the above article, the Nintendo eShop Gift Cards open up the world of gaming possibilities in front of the players.

Thus allowing them to enjoy their favorite content and titles hassle-free. Whether you are treating yourself with these gift cards or giving them to someone else as a gift, these Nintendo eSHop Gift Cards will surely enhance and add joy to your gaming experience.

So, scratch the Nintendo eShop Codes and redeem them to earn exciting in-game prizes. Load up your account with amazing prizes, and let the gaming adventures begin.

So, wait no further and grab a Nintendo eSHop Gift Card for yourself today. 

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