How to Throw People in Gang Beasts – For All Gaming Platforms

The game of Gang Beasts is a popular party game that was developed and published by Boneloaf. The game was released on different platforms, such as Linux, macOS, Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, between 2017-2021. 

The setup of the game Gang Beasts is being set up in the fictional metropolis of Beef City. This silly multiplayer party game comprises surly gelatinous characters, absurdly hazardous environments, and brutal melee fight sequences.

This game of Gang Beasts has a lot of things for the players to experiment and explore, like the game Party Animals. Many players like you are searching for how to throw people in Gang Beasts. If you are among them, you have just landed at the right place. 

The players in this game are dressed as floppy ragdolls who would act as stupid, pugnacious thugs kicking, throwing, and punching their foes into flaming incinerator pits, ginormous industrial fans, and unspecified hazardous machinery. 

Play this game to watch the amusement as the gangs of saggy beasts push, pull, shove, and grab their enemies from unattended Ferris wheels, permanently suspended buildings, and commercial haulage trucks.

Below in this guide, we have mentioned a detailed explanation and tutorial of how to throw people in Gang Beasts, gang beasts control, along with a few gameplay details of the game. 

Gameplay of the Gang Beasts

how to throw people in gang beastsThe popular game of Gang Beasts is best known for its significant tasks and graphics. The players are involved here in a mele fight sequence and are usually characterized as floppy ragdolls.

The story of multiplayer games is set in the beef city and offers players a thrilling and high-risk gaming experience. The game is about giving the punch of adrenaline rush to the players and winning with action.

Gang Beasts might seem to be a complex game in the very beginning, but once you figure out how to throw people in Gang Beasts, you will be enjoying the game. 

The core gameplay of the game involves physical activities such as punching, kicking, and knocking out the opponent until they are completely knocked out.

Initially, the game started with eight multiplayer stages, but currently, it has about 21 playable game stages or zones from which the player can choose freely. 

  1. Alley
  2. Buoy
  3. Elevators
  4. Billboard
  5. Chutes
  6. Blimp
  7. Containers
  8. Girders
  9. Incinerator
  10. Gondola
  11. Grind
  12. Ring
  13. Roof
  14. Lighthouse
  15. Subway
  16. Train
  17. Towers
  18. Trucks
  19. Trawler
  20. Vents
  21. Wheel

This was the basic information about the gameplay of Gang Beasts. Switch on the further heads to learn about the controls of the game on different gaming consoles and also about how to throw people in Gang Beasts.

Scroll down below in the next head to know the exact controls of how to throw people in Gang Beasts in different consoles.

How to Throw People in Gang Beasts?

how to throw people in gang beastsIf you are looking for ways how to throw people in Gang Beasts on different types of gaming consoles or platforms, then you have precisely landed at the right place. For tossing the characters or the opponents in the game, the players must first hold them.

Then, the next step for you is to lift and release them from a vantage point. Also, remember to be quick while pressing the controls to complete and fulfill the required action. 

The controls for how to throw people in Gang Beasts differ based on the types of console on which you play the game.

The same has been listed below.

  • On Play Station 4 – Press and hold the L1 + R1 keys to carry the opponent. Then click on the Triangle button to lift, and then Release L1 + R1 at once to throw them.
  • On Xbox – Press and hold the LB & RB keys together to carry the foe you want to throw. Then click on ‘Y” to lift them. And at last, release LB + RB to throw them down. 
  • PC – Press and hold the Left and Right mouse click on the buttons together to carry people. Or you can press & hold, and . buttons on your keyboard, for the same. Then, click the Shift button to lift people and release the carry buttons to throw them.
  • Nintendo Switch – Press and hold the L + R to carry people from one place to another and keep pressing X simultaneously to lift them. Now, release both the buttons together for throwing the people.

Although it sounds simple enough, it is a difficult task to throw people into Gang Beasts. You must fight and drain the opponents before throwing them around.

While lifting your enemies, you can also move them to gain momentum. Then, if you want to move around carrying them, follow the below controls in their respective platforms. 

  • PS4 = Left Analog
  • Xbox = Left Analog
  • PC = WASD
  • Nintendo Switch = LS

Gang Beast Controls for Xbox Series X|S

Below are the XBox controls that apply for both the Xbox consoles and PC (in case you do not use the keyboard). 

  • Jump: Press ‘A’
  • Sit: Press ‘A’ while staying still
  • Run: Press ‘A’ while facing the direction
  • Kick: Press ‘X’
  • Crawl: Press and hold ‘B’ 
  • Lie down: Press and hold ‘X’ 
  • Duck: Press ‘B’
  • Lift: Press ‘Y’
  • Headbutt: Press ‘B’
  • Taunt: Press ‘Y’
  • Right punch/grab: Press ‘RB’
  • Left punch/grab: Press ‘LB’

Apart from these controls, you can also use the D-Pad to change the angle of your camera, and when spectating, use the RT Key to switch your focus.

Gang Beasts Control on PC Keyboard

An important point that needs to be taken care of while playing Gang Beasts on your PC with a gaming Keyboard is that you would only be able to press up to 3 keys at a particular time if you are not using a mechanical keyboard.

Now, this is something that is undoubtedly required to beat the opponent. But, apart from this, playing with the Keyboard on a PC has some exclusive advantages to the players, as it offers them specific particular controls that can only be found in this input device. 

Thus, here we will tell you the primary and exclusive PC/Keyboard bindings. 

Basic Controls:-

  • Movement: Press ‘WASD’
  • Run: Press and hold the ‘Space bar’ while facing the direction
  • Kick: Press ‘M’
  • Duck: Press ‘Ctrl’
  • Jump: Press ‘Space bar’
  • Sit: Press and hold ‘Space bar’ while staying still
  • Lie down: Press and hold ‘M’ 
  • Crawl: Press and hold ‘Ctrl’
  • Lift: Press ‘Shift’
  • Headbutt: Press ‘Ctrl’
  • Taunt: Press ‘Shift’
  • Right punch/grab: Press the ‘.’ key or the right mouse button
  • Left punch/grab: Press the ‘,’ key or the left mouse button

Exclusive Keyboard Controls:-

  • Previous camera angle: Press the left arrow key
  • Next camera angle: Press the right arrow key
  • Slow down the game: Repeatedly press the ‘-‘ key
  • Speed up the game: Repeatedly press the ‘+’ key
  • Spawn pushing or pulling force: Press the ‘1~2’ keys
  • Revert to standard speed: Press the ‘0’ key
  • Spawn props: Press the ‘3~7’ keys
  • Spawn opponents: Press ‘Shift or Ctrl’ with the numbers ‘1~8’
  • Toggle day and night: Press ‘F1’

Gang Beasts Control on PlayStation 4

The controls for PS 4 are different from that of the Xbox. The following are listed below:-

  • Jump: Press ‘X’
  • Site: Press and hold ‘X’ while staying still
  • Run: Press and hold ‘X’ while pressing in the direction
  • Kick: Press the ‘Square’
  • Duck: Press the ‘Circle’
  • Headbutt: Press the ‘Circle’
  • Lie down: Press and hold ‘Square’ 
  • Crawl: Press and hold ‘Circle’
  • Taunt: Press the ‘Triangle’
  • Lift: Press the ‘Triangle’
  • Right punch/grab: Press the ‘R1’
  • Left punch/grab: Press the ‘L1’

Before concluding the article, quickly go through some of the frequently asked questions in the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. On Which of the Gaming Consoles Are Gang Beasts Available to Play?

Ans. The platforms on which this exciting game is available to play are Linux, macOS, Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. 

Q. How Do You Throw People in the Gang Beasts Game?

Ans. First, to grab someone in the game with each hand, you must hold both the Punch Buttons, i.e., LB & RB or L1 & R1, on both Xbox and PS4, respectively. Next, you must have the Lift buttons, i.e., Y & Triangle, on Xbox & PS4, respectively. And finally, release the Punch buttons to throw the enemies. 

 Let’s Wrap Up

That was all we had to share with you regarding how to throw people in Gang Beasts. We hope that this guide will be of great help to you.

Use the same in the fascinating & exciting game of Gang Beast to make full use of it. Well, now, if you are here, we would like to read some of our more gaming-related articles on our blog post website.

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